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Plain and Boring to the soap makers :-)-Added pics


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I made about 5 of each one ready to go out to my testers. I just made more today that I will post tonight or tomorrow.

I have to order more colors.. Getting bored, but dont want to try and experiment with anything just yet..

Top left is Pink Grapefruit

Top Right is Oatmeal Milk and Honey

Bottom Left is Amber Romance

Bottom Middle is Curve for Men

Bottom Right is another Amber Romance

Thanks for looking


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Thank you so much.. Here is more.. I need to get more soap molds.. I am going to bore you guys with all of this.

All oils have been bought from NG so far for soaps.

Orange is scented Best Friends- OMG I love this scent soooo much from NG

Purple is scented Sweat Pea

White is scented Cool Water for Men

Pinkish Red is scented Amber Romance



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You can make some soap loafs, and use just about anything as a mold. Gladware and tupper ware type of products work well, then slice them into bars, people love the slice so much, and then as you go along you can add curlys etc.

They look great, bet they smell awesome!


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