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Questions for testers?


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Well, for soap I ask them about scent, hardness, how thier skin felt, lather, how long the soap lasted, the appearance ect

For bath & body I aske similar ???. for instance just gave samples to testers for the emulsified scrub and gave them a sheet that instructed them on how long to test the product, how often to use, and then ??? such as how their skin felt afte use, what they think about the texture, did they prefer this type of scrub over a oil based scrub, was the shower slippery after use, have they noticed any improvements after use etc. and then any additional comments regarding the product.

Just think about what the product is intended for and go from their, it helps if you ask them to document as they go so they rate the product as they use it and it is on their mind



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Ya know what problem I'm running into.... I'm spending the time, $, and effort and can't get people that wanted to try my products to give me feedback. Very upsetting as its all on my dime (even the shipping) and yet nothing. I don't even care if its the worst stuff on earth its nice just to get some kinda response!!!!!!!!!

That being said I also ask what suggestions they would give to make the product better including if they liked the scent. One question I like to ask is "if you were in the market for this product would you buy it?" I found that people would say they liked it yet they wouldn't want to buy it. That spoke volumes to me as to whether the product was good or not. When I was testing candles I had an actual sheet I gave testers to fill in, I found that to be a good tool so they are not going off their memory.

It really does depend on the product... do you have any in mind? Each product would have different questions depending on its "job". Scrubs... was it scrubby enough (which really is a preference thing), did you leave your skin feeling soft?

For lotions... How did it apply for you, did it soak in quick enough for you? Did it leave your skin soft, greasy, etc. Was the scent strong enough?

Lip balms - scent/flavor strong enough? was is smooth or felt grainy? did it moisturize your lips? too soft or too hard....

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I provide a form (you can make one in MS Word) and email it to each tester.

Also, make sure one of the questions you ask is "Would you purchase this product?" somewhere in your form. It might gauge how u might do in selling this item.

If they do not respond I remove them from my tester list.

You might add, " You're input is very valuable and appreciated. To insure you receive future samples, please return the enclosed evaluation"

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