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White liquid candle dye

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Hi all you lovely crafters! It's been a while, but I'll be around more often from here on! 


Ok, white liquid candle dye. I've searched the forum, and I've read several posts about it. Most were old posts, and those suppliers no longer carry it. I know that most, if not all, are made from titanium dioxide - which can clog wicks. I'm not doing candles though. This will strictly be for wax melts. The reason I need it is to lighten some colors when I create in small batches. I use liquid candle dye from Lone Star, and those are very concentrated. Sometimes one drop is too much for my tiny made to order batches, but especially when I'm blending colors with at least one drop of each. I figured a bit of white could solve my problem. I just can't seem to find it anywhere, except on Amazon but they don't sell it separately. Every single one I found in search was part of a set of dyes. 


Aside from wanting to know if anyone is aware of a candle supply place that sells it, the following is what I need to know! I'm very aware that you can't use typical food coloring, but I read in a couple of articles online that oil-based food coloring might work. I did find some on Amazon, and they're also made with titanium dioxide! I would've never thought it would be edible?? Anyway, it does have glycerin as the first ingredient. Does anyone know if this would work?


I tried to find out what the base oil of most liquid dyes is, but struck out there. I have read long ago that you can thin liquid dyes that are starting to dry up and get cakey with a bit of mineral oil. Does anyone know what kind of oils are good to use if I would want to get my own titanium dioxide and make my own white candle dye? Or what would be the correct oil to use to thin out some of the dyes I already have? 


I feel stuck and I just hope someone out there knows something! I'm using the tip of toothpicks right now, but it's impossible to get consistency in different batches. Help!!!!

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Couple of thoughts… 

you can make your own wax dye chips to help minimize the depth of color.  Just color a small amount of wax, cool that wax in a small mold or container, and scrape off what you need when making tiny melt batches.  That’s basically what dye chips are. A candle pigment is blended into melted stearic acid and molded into chips. Bitter creek North sells the powdered dyes.  I’ve been considering buying some.


To mix your own liquids from pigments, mineral oil would be inert, and totally acceptable for wax melts.  It won’t “go off” like veggie oils, and won’t add any off scents.


as for titanium dioxide, it’s in pretty much everything.  From skittles to toothpaste, TiO2 is a staple.  That said, titanium dioxide comes blended into may different ingredients for candles, soap, etc. Some retail available are water soluble, others are oil soluble. You should be fine trying some of either in your melts. I have water soluble at hand for soap and could try a little in wax to see how it does if you want.   You could also likely use white mica. That would add a little shimmer too. 

for a teensy experiment, don’t come at me peeps, you could cut a tiny bit of white crayon into your wax to see how it looks. I understand if you’re using non-paraffin and don’t want to.  White will add opacity and probably create more pastel like colors. 

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The white dye flakes from  bittercreek work really well.  The last time I bought them it was more of a powder form.  Only thing is, now you have to have a $25 minimum to purchase. 



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