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Where's the best place to buy embeds/candle safe glitter?

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I make only tarts for my business. Lately I've had the need to spruce them up and want to start putting embeds on the top of them according to their scent. Where do I look online? I would also like to make sprinkle them with clear or silver glitter. Any help would be great. I've been searching and searching. I would need mini embeds.


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BCN has the candle glitter/mica. If you do a search on their site, I know you'll find it. They don't have a lot of colors though, only silver or clear or something like that. Candles and Supplies and Aroma Haven also carry the candle glitter. C&S has lots of colors too - do a seach for "cosmetic glitter".

BCN and C&S also carry lots of embeds. HTH :)

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http://www.rusticescentuals.com/ has some very nice candle glitter. Plus they have a whole bunch of colors. They also have embeds. If you get glitter from them try some of the squirt bottles on the bottom of the glitter page, they are great to put the glitter in and spray it on your stuff. I prefer them to the shakers but they also have the shakers if you want them. Good company to do business with. And if your looking for liquid colors, their's are the best, very concentrated and true.
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