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First trial balloon candles


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Ok, be gentle, this is the first time that I have ever posted pictures. The first balloon candle was pulled out of shape as I burst the balloon. The wax was too soft. The flowers also are pathetic, but I learnt some things. The second shell was better, but I am going to have to wait for the sticky wax to attempt flowers again.





Very amature I know, but someone asked for photo's.






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Thankyou everyone for your comments. Yes Donita, they are not as difficult as you would think. I am going to need to get deeper containers, and more wax though, so I can dip the balloon in further and get a more rounded effect. At the moment they look like bowls. Still, at least now I think I now what I need to aim for.

Butterfly, that is a piece of goldwork/stumpwork embroidery that I did. I love goldwork and stumpwork, and this piece combined both. As you can tell, I love working with my hands.

Thanks again everyone for your help and encouragement.


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