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Do essential oils blend well with candles?


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Guys I am struggling to get a good and lasting cold throw in my beeswax tablets/sachets! Any ideas on what I can do to make the fragrance stronger and last longer. There are guys who promise the wax tablet will last for a year.. is that possible? I use 100% cosmetic grade beeswax and a load of 12% of FO. Some guys claim that they use essential oils. I have tested that several times but never get a good throw with EO. TIA ..please share your thoughts.. thanks again

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I'm not sure what a wax tablet is to advise.


Some EO can definitely last that long. Notably, long leaf pine, lemongrass (man that one sticks tooooo long, lol), lavender 40/42, palmarosa, eucalyptus, etc.. A lot comes down to the quality of the EO and how hot you are getting your mixtures during production, and how you store them.

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Yes, essential oils blend well with candles and can be used to add natural fragrance to candle wax. When making scented candles with essential oils, it's essential to choose high-quality oils and follow proper dilution guidelines. Here's how to blend essential oils with candles effectively:

Dilution: Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be diluted before adding to candle wax. Use a carrier oil like coconut or soy wax to dilute the essential oils properly.

Mixing: Blend the essential oils with the melted wax thoroughly to ensure even distribution of scent. Stir the mixture gently to avoid creating air bubbles.

Testing: Before pouring the wax into candle molds, test the scent strength by adding a small amount of the mixture to a sample candle or wax melt. Adjust the oil concentration as needed to achieve the desired fragrance intensity.

Pouring: Once the scent is perfected, pour the wax into candle molds and allow it to cool and solidify completely. Trim the wick and enjoy your homemade scented candles.

With proper preparation and experimentation, essential oils can enhance the fragrance of candles, creating unique and delightful scents for your home.

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