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Looking for Dupes for my beloved Scentworks FO's

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 Here is my list of Scentworks FO’s that are mine and others favorites. If you know of a dupe please let me know and I will edit this list. Also let me know if you have a favorite not listed. (I have filled in those I know of) Let’s keep it going 😊

Amazon Grapes

Asiatic Lily and Cantaloupe=DS Lily and Cantaloupe


August Beauty Gardenia

Cucumber Lettuce

Andalusian Olive Blossom

Apple Blossom =Cierra Candles

Bamboo Flowers

Black Vetiver Cafe

Black Vanilla

Be Delicious =WSP Be Delicious Blossom /NG Delicious

Belgium Chocolate

Blue Agave and Cacoa =Nature’s Garden

Blue Lotus Spa =WSP

Blue Sugar =Rustic Essentials

Bonnie Bell Skin Musk

Bronze Scuppernong

Blackberry Basil

Cantaloupe Lily

California Naval Orange

Calypso orchid

Cedarwood and Mint

Classic Brut

Coconut Lime Verbatim

Creamy Coconut

Coconut Cardamom Custard

Dragons Blood


Et Une Rose

Fata Morgana

Flowerburst (Flowerbomb)

Fire Island Dunes

Frankincense and myrrh II = liebermuth

Fresh sugar Cane (Fresh Sugar)

Heavenly Blue Lotus

Iced Black Kenya Tea

Just Ripe Banana

Inlet Lakegrass

Leaves and Figs

Linden Green Tea

Lemon Geranium

London Lemom Curd

Kerala Amber Spice =SS Sandalwood Rose

Mandarin Coriander=BB White Tea and Ginger

Mayan Gold =WSP

Marvels Grove


Pink Sugar



Pure Grace


Pumpkin Chai=WSP (Bulk Only)

Rice Flower and Shame =WSP

Sakura Hana

Satsuma guava

Sanguigno Orange and Patchouli =DS

Tibetan Tea House

Tahitian Tiare=NG

Tupelo Honey= EBB

True Lilac

Ume Blossom

Ultra Violet

Vaniglia del Madagascar=OT Vanilla Bourbon

Winter Soltice =NG Cracklin Birch

White peach =Oregon Trails: Peche De Vigne

White Lilac

White Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sandalwood =AH French Vanilla and Oak 

















































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I have made dupes of tsw

dragons blood

black Vetyver cafe (subtle but super popular in soap, blender in candles)

pink sugar


inlet lakegrass


and of

Brambleberry Amber (sweet, vanilla. Good in candles when wicked way up but troublesome in CP)

summer Fling (My Faery line base)

southern soapers Egyptian Dragon


Pink sugar is in the gathering interest stage. I have interest in 10 lbs of 20 min. 

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47 minutes ago, atlantanurse said:

Will you be making dupes of all these FO’s

I order them when we have 20# of interest in any given fragrance. 
clarifying: I order only fragrances that receive 20# of interest.


the lab will let me order 10# usually, but hits me with a $4+ per lb penalty for the small order.

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Pumpkin Chai from Candlewic is a best seller for me. 


Fragrance Buddy has Pomegranate.  It's a little sweet for me but I've sold some of it. Aztec has Pomegranate Juice.  Smells similar to FB's but I haven't put it in wax yet.


I love Cantaloupe & Lily from Aztec.  One of my favorite spring/summer fragrances.

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