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  1. Here is my list of Scentworks FO’s that are mine and others favorites. If you know of a dupe please let me know and I will edit this list. Also let me know if you have a favorite not listed. (I have filled in those I know of) Let’s keep it going 😊 Amazon Grapes Asiatic Lily and Cantaloupe=DS Lily and Cantaloupe ... August Beauty Gardenia Cucumber Lettuce Andalusian Olive Blossom Apple Blossom =Cierra Candles Bamboo Flowers Black Vetiver Cafe Black Vanilla Be Delicious =WSP Be Delicious Blossom /NG Delicious Belgium Chocolate Blue Agave and Cacoa =Nature’s Garden Blue Lotus Spa =WSP Blue Sugar =Rustic Essentials Bonnie Bell Skin Musk Bronze Scuppernong Blackberry Basil Cantaloupe Lily California Naval Orange Calypso orchid Cedarwood and Mint Classic Brut Coconut Lime Verbatim Creamy Coconut Coconut Cardamom Custard Dragons Blood Eidelweise Et Une Rose Fata Morgana Flowerburst (Flowerbomb) Fire Island Dunes Frankincense and myrrh II = liebermuth Fresh sugar Cane (Fresh Sugar) Heavenly Blue Lotus Iced Black Kenya Tea Just Ripe Banana Inlet Lakegrass Leaves and Figs Linden Green Tea Lemon Geranium London Lemom Curd Kerala Amber Spice =SS Sandalwood Rose Mandarin Coriander=BB White Tea and Ginger Mayan Gold =WSP Marvels Grove Pepperbirch Pink Sugar Pomegranate Provence Pure Grace Province Pumpkin Chai=WSP (Bulk Only) Rice Flower and Shame =WSP Sakura Hana Satsuma guava Sanguigno Orange and Patchouli =DS Tibetan Tea House Tahitian Tiare=NG Tupelo Honey= EBB True Lilac Ume Blossom Ultra Violet Vaniglia del Madagascar=OT Vanilla Bourbon Winter Soltice =NG Cracklin Birch White peach =Oregon Trails: Peche De Vigne White Lilac White Vanilla Sugar Vanilla Sandalwood =AH French Vanilla and Oak
  2. I made a test bar of Scent-Works Bronze Scuppernong a few months ago. It stuck fantastic and smells like grapes ?. It is so nice. I used the 2 oz bottle so I have none to send for a dupe. Does anyone know of a dupe or have some they hate? Thank you ? ~Teena
  3. Oh I did not mean to offend anyone. I'm just sad they left and was trying to find information. I buy way to many FO's and I loved Scent-Works (sorry). I'm sad it is out of business. I have purchased hundreds of dollars at the site. I did a screen shot of what I saw when I messaged her because I was asked to point out the where I saw that the business is for sale. I did send her a message. I never had a problem with SW customer service. i wish they were still open.
  4. Thank you TallTayl for the information on the dupes. Do you have a fragrance oil company. I need lots of pink sugar. ?
  5. I clicked on the link above and you are right. It's about the server. Sorry to have gotten anyone's hopes up! ?
  6. I hope this helps. Did they reopen briefly last year. I am so serious about these fragrance oil. She implied in a post she supplied high end candle companies. She was not boasting but just making a point. I don't doubt this. Her fragrances are exquisite to me. I like Bramble Berry and I use quite a few of Anne's fragrances as well. She had an exquisite Provence Lavender EO that she had to discontinue due to an unreliable source which was a bummer! I messaged Anne about the closing and asked did she know if anyone had purchased it and she said she did not know of anyone. She kindly offered to try and substitute some of the fragrances but I know every fragrance they both carry as I am OCD when it comes to fragrance oil. I have nifty little one bar size molds from Uplands and I get all the little sample sizes and test the fragrances.
  7. I typed her name Tish Valter Pearl into google brought up her Facebook page. I then went to message to send her an inquiry and I got a sign saying scentworks is for sale. I did a screen shot
  8. I have just learned that The Scent Works Closed after a long hiatus from soaping. Does anyone know of dupes. I saw on the owners Facebook page the business is for sale. I loved all of these fragrance oils and some I cannot hardly do without. I'm crushed. Thanks for any help I can get! I sure wish I could buy it! Calypso orchid Frankincense and myrrh White peach Blue sugar Pink sugar Creamy coconut White vanilla sugar Fresh sugar Tupelo honey Linden Green tea London lemon curd Bamboo Flower Satsuma guava True Rose Belgium Chocolate Pepperbirch coconut Lime Verbatim Black Raspberry Cream Sanguigno Orange and Patchouli Vanilla Sandalwood Chicolate Expresso
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