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liquid poly?


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heres some info I have been reading about it..

The product description from manufacturer literature: Liquid Polymer (LP), contains three main ingredients: A dispersed polymer phase; a continuous carrier phase; and an activator. The polymer phase forms around 50% of the product, with the carrier phase comprising 35%, and an additional 7% is a high HLB non-ionic surfactant. The surfactant activates the LP when it is added to aqueous systems, enabling water molecules to move into the small polymer particles (via osmosis), allowing the polymer particles to swell to 2.5 to 5.0 microns in diameter.

The activating surfactant remains outside the polymer particle throughout, allowing emulsification of further oils, silicones, and similar co-ingredients. LP provides effective thickening at levels of 1% with maximum swelling capacity in aqueous systems at 4-6%.

The viscosity of LP is not significantly affected by increasing temperatures, and all dispersions are stable after storage at elevated temperatures (up to 85° C.) Even long periods of homogenization do not affect the stability of formulations containing Liquid Polymer.

The natural pH of a 2% dispersion of LP is around 6.7. The effective pH range for this polymer is between 5.5-12. Liquid Polymer is not recommended for use in acid conditions.

LP is compatible with a wide range of raw materials including: aloe vera, allantoin, proteins, botanical extracts, and vitamins.

This thickener can be used to produce cold process emulsions with reduced manufacturing time, and two phases can be mixed in one vessel prior to addition of the thickener.

On application to the skin, Liquid Polymer provides a smoothing effect due to the decrease in surface roughness from the polymer particles, coupled with the slip properties observed as particles move over each other.

My product description: This stuff rocks!! The first time I used it, I made 3 batches of lotion in less than 15 minutes with NO HEATING and NO NEUTRALIZATION!! (If you're using herbal extracts or herb-infused oils, it's always best to heat that phase so that you kill off all the nasties.) It was amazing to see a dropper of LP swell up 4 cups of water and oil. Used at the lowest concentration of 1%, you get a lotion that's perfect to use with a dispensing cap or a pump. 4% gives you a thick, whipped cream (like body yogurt.) You can actually just drop some of this product into a cup of water and get a nice looking lotion, but you miss out on the great properties and moisturization of oils if you do that. It's fun to watch, though! :)

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It's not bad. Make easy work of making a lotion come together. I'm testing my lotion using the liquid polymer in one and ewax in the other. I think I like the ewax better.

how is the feel of it?? I imagine it to be very SLICK is it??

right now most of my lotions are very creamy and almost whipped feel to them.. which I love.. but I am intrigued by this stuff..

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