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Need some guidance! =)

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Hey all! I’m new to this world! Always have had a love of fragrance and candles! But I’ve run into a rut. And I’m hoping someone can guide me in the right direction! So I took my first shot at making a candle - only to discover I totally botched my wick choice. I’m going to put as much info as possible but if anything else is needed please let me know! 


Wax: J50 - I know there have been lots of posts and discussion about it throughout the web, but I did decide to use this as my first round. It’s working well


Jar: Libby Vibe 22 oz. 


Wick: 60-44-18 12” Zinc Core


The tunneling as unbelievable as I’m sure many of you can imagine. I am not opposed to double wicks, but would prefer one with a good pool. Any suggestions would be beyond appreciated! Sorry if this isn’t the right section - but just desperate for some help 😃

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Is that the 4+" jar?  Wicking a jar that size is a tall order for a new candle maker.  It's a tall order for me.  Sorry, I'm not familiar with that wax, and I'd be afraid to offer much of a wick suggestion.  Off the top of my head, I'd probably go with HTP wicks.  Big ones.
I think it would be better to start with a smaller, easier to wick jar until you get more experience.  You are gonna waste a whole lot of money learning as it is.  It's easier 6 or 8 ounces at a time.  Trust me.  I could buy a small country with the money I've spent learning this craft, and most days I still feel like I don't know squat.
Good luck!

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That is a BIG candle to start with. My advice get some straight side jelly jars. Pick a wick group. Now test with your wax until you can master that jar, wick, and wax combo. This will teach you about all of the above, then you can move on to larger jars as you will know how everything works. This all changes when you try different fragrances mind you.  Most wicks stop working well at 3 inches. There are large ones you can use as a single wick but they burn like tiki torches. You can double wick but that’s another testing story.

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Is that the container that tapers from the neck out to the base? If so, wow have you chosen possibly the most challenging container to wick. Yikes. Air current will warm more drastically the further down the candle your burn gets. 


J50... it’s a rather soft wax. Are you set on using that wax? McCalls candles in a wide vessel uses a stiffer wax, like 4786 that can handle drastic heat changes. 


have you tried Lx or HTP? 

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Thanks for all the feedback guys! I’m not necessarily obsessed with using J50 however I jumped into this and probably should of done a little bit of research. I am going to try double wicking with 44-32-18 here’s hoping. But also going to take everyone else’s advice in the interim and try to experiment a little more. 


Will be be sure to attach some photos once everything is up and running! 


Thank you all for the advice any other advice is appreciated!

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