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Beware Fake Square emails


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For those of you that take Square or have Square websites read this:


I just happened to open up my spam file of my biz email account and found 2 emails from 'Square' stating they refunded a customer on 2 seperate dates. I ran my cursor over the sender to see what the addy was for the email and it wasn't from Square. I also double checked my Square dashboard for those dates to see if there are any activity. None. So I was sure they were scammers out to entice me to open up the emails.


If you get any of these check your Square dashboard. If you know you have not had any refunds then delete the fake emails. Do not open them up. Don't know if they contain a virus or are simply trying to get information but I didn't want to find out the hard way.


So just a heads up. Anytime an email looks suspicious to you double check with the company first.


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