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Bittercreek EZ Soy

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I have been out of the candle making scene for some time due to family illnesses and obligations. Well here I am ready to start again. Without thinking too much, I ordered a 10lb bag of EZSoy since that is what I enjoyed the most previously with decent results, and was charged $22 plus to ship it. I am close to Fillmore Container/Candles and Supplies and Candlewic. To ship a 50 lb box of EZSpu it is $67 that I priced today. YIKES. As broken hearted as I am, since I know that they have this formulation made specifically for them, I am going to have to take another route. Believe me, I have considered making it worth my while and driving to WI to pick up wax and just swallowing my funds and pride and just paying the shipping for EZ Soy but I just cannot do it.


In the past I have tested 415 and C3. I had better luck with 415 than the c3 but will consider testing it again.


Has anyone else stopped using EZSoy for this very reason?  

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I don't use soy, but I do use Candlewic's waxes. They are excellent quality, and their price can't be beat. While CW's phone and online customer services can be spotty (sometimes they are helpful, sometimes they are snarky), the guys at the warehouse are always super nice and accommodating when I go to pick up my orders. They have a good selection of soy and other veggie based waxes, and I like that they offer sample sizes.

Again, not a C3 user, but it is popular here on the forum. A lot of people like it. And Filmore has excellent customer service, as well as some of the best prices on glass jars, and some top-notch FOs.

So while I can't help you with the soy issue, I just wanted to let you know you can't go wrong with ordering from either company.


I would suggest doing a search in this forum for "C3" and see what pops up, I know there have been a lot of recent conversations about it.

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