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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I had a chance to look through the Flaming Candle site and I see quite a few others that may be same/similar to the many other reformulated/discontinued CS fragrances that I have been looking for. Can you comment on their shipping and customer service? I'm not sure at what level the VV would have been reformulated, if for only CS(to pass B&B specs), or at the higher level? I do believe the scent description has changed on the CS site, as I do not remember it having a bourbon note?
  2. Has anyone tried the reformulated version? How does it compare to the old? Or know of a twin to the old version? Thanks
  3. Yes, they've been good about that. I was just curious if they may have given her an idea of when the change may happen.
  4. Did they happen to give you anytime frame for that? I hope they warn us so I can stock up.
  5. I'd be interested in what you find out, I use a lot of that oil and I'm already burned on their Vanilla Hazelnut going away.
  6. As far as know, they did not change it. I talked to them about it when that notice was posted. That is just a notification that it no longer passed updated standards for personal care. You can always message them to make sure.
  7. Right off the top of my head (in 415): Aloha Pineapple Almond Pastry Cactus & Sea Salt Caramel Nut Cluster Chocolate Fudge Cake Coffee Bean Lemon Meringue MacIntosh Apple Pomegranate Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Pumpkin Spice White Cake Wildberry Mousse
  8. My work area is covered with layered newspaper(just peel off the top layer when needed). Also, I pour everything on commercial type baking sheets, keeps any mess confined.
  9. I am an obsessive tester -- every fragrance- every jar- every wick- every wax -- any and all combos. On that note, I do not tests every new bottle of FO. Do you mean new fragrance or new bottle of currently used fragrance?
  10. Ugh, that bums me out. I see they have 2 different ones, maybe I'll try them both.
  11. I don't have an answer for you, but I am also quite unhappy about the discontinuation of their Gardenia. For me, it's about the 4th one in the last year that they have changed or dropped. At least on 2 of them, they sent me a warning email so I could stock up, not so with the Gardenia. I do have a 1/2lb left to console myself. I think I'll be getting a sample from NG.
  12. I've noticed it, too. In fact, I had been switching some of my fragrances to NG from another supplier that is pricing itself out of my range. I may have to rethink that.
  13. I've been using 415 for over 12 years with manageable adjustments, the biggest being 2017, in which I did retest everything and adjust my wicking. I'm finding the subsequent batches have been very consistent and pleasing.
  14. My best ones are ICS Cactus & Sea Salt and NG Beach Bum.
  15. I love them all, but especially the stringed lights and the bottom 2. You definitely have a gift for this.
  16. I use no additives, melts are strong as well, although, not sure I've tested them at 24hrs, but I certainly don't make them wait.
  17. I use 415 and I give mine 24 hrs.
  18. I know, right? I'm having a little anxiety to be sitting on this much wax, but, weighing the alternative of starting over in the fall with a new lot... I think if I don't, I'll wish I had.
  19. Thought I'd share an update, if anyone is interested: This batch of 415 is really nice, very consistent, good cold & hot throw. It doesn't seem as fussy as the previous batches, not having the bubble issue(so far). I've tested about 15 fragrances in 2 diff jars, only have one that struggles a little and it's a cinnamon. I like it so much I think I'm ordering another pallet of the same lot, that will get me through the whole year.
  20. I'm on my 3rd Lilac. I started with the incredible Lilac Blossoms from Snowtop, and it went away. Then I moved to Lilac from CS, which was a fantastic seller for years until I had some wicking issues(and the price increased). So, now I have just tested the very pleasing Lilac from NG, and will be adding that to my line this spring. Lilac is must have for me, a year-round best seller.
  21. Idk about brave, but definitely stubborn. Are you a 415 user?
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