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How to break up 4625

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50 minutes ago, NightLight said:

Got some 4625 to experiment with. Um, how the heck do you break up these slabs?

Jeesh, not sure how I am going to break it up. Suggestions? Drop the slab, sledge hammer?


LOL, I've been there too. I have this wax and I really like it except it is a rock hard slab and I've been having to do 2nd pours with it in order to get flat tops on my melts. I was not comfortable beating on it and chopping it because I can be a klutz and I didn't want to lose a finger or hand in the process. :blink:


Here's what I have started doing with my rock hard paraffin slabs and it is time consuming but it doesn't make me or my husband nervous, LOL. It's basically like making wax chunks. Break the big slab into 2-3 big pieces w/a hammer and chisel, small enough to fit on a large cookie sheet and put in a low temp oven. I put two pans in the oven at a time. You have to heat them low and slow or otherwise they just melt, I don't think I heated the oven over 175-200. Once they got soft enough to cut, I used my soap cutter to dice them up into 2-3 inch cubes or whatever size you like. After doing this to my 4625 and 4794 paraffin waxes I enjoy working with them, so much easier. I'm glad I took the time to do that but I just hate to have to do that every time I order a case. Wish the wax companies would sell it like that in the first place, they'd for sure have my business.

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I put mine in a big garbage bag with the wrap it comes in and slam it down several times on concrete - garbage bag gets destroyed but then I just use a hammer and a screwdriver to break in smaller chunks and store in a plastic bin 



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