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We've discussed the temperature drop caused by adding FO to hot wax here before. This idea to combat that popped into my head the other day and I went ahead with it. The picture is of a coffee mug warmer heating up fragrance oil and keeping it warm until it's time to add it to the wax. It heated the FO up to about 143F and kept it that way until I was ready for it. I'd be willing to bet that @MilosCandles probably already thought about this, so I'm not taking credit for the idea.:lol:

MrCoffee FO Heater~2.jpg

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I've been using a hot griddle pan for years. I keep my pour pot on it. Keeps my wax temp steady and from falling when I add my FO. Once all my additives and wax are stirred well in the pour pot then I can take off the heat to pour. I wouldn't make candles without my griddle pan. It can hold up to 4 large pour pots at once.

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