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More new soaps -

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First - Butterfly Kisses - scented with  blend of green apple essence, bontanical orchard & nectar, pink lilac & willow, and a touch of peppermint. 
Second - Honey, I'm Home - scented with a blend of wild mountain honey, Vermont honey apple, and a touch of french vanilla to mellow it out. 

Third - no name yet - scented with a blend pink lemonade, sea island grapefruit and pink sugar. the base is a pink with a red swirl, but I saved out too much red for the topping so the top is almost all red -  the red is the true red set from Mad Micas. Every time I use it I'm impressed... 









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I love the butterflies!!! ❤️💛💚💙💜

So cheerful and pretty!

Boy, that red is intense, I can't wait to see the cut!

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They all look so pretty and I'm trying to imagine how they smell. A few things that came to mind for the name of the third soap is Sweet & Sour or Citrus Sugar but I guess it's easier to name a custom scent if you can actually smell it, LOL. 

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