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  1. So pretty!!! I only wish I could make soap that pretty!
  2. I love to crochet myself, these are all so very beautiful!
  3. Thanks guys. I did order their fo's and wax and so far I love both!!!
  4. Thanks! I did order and really like their scents. Anyone know what the tart blend is? I mean is it soy or paraffin? I'd like to give it a try. Tart Blend
  5. Thanks so much! I tried them years ago, but couldn't remember if I liked them or not lol
  6. I'm curious on opinions on their oils? Thanks in advance
  7. I actually just bought it. I'm hoping it's at least close. I may not even have the name right. I just know I absolutely loved it!
  8. I absolutely loved this scent from JS. I tried looking for it but no luck. I've been away from making candles for a few years. Anyhow... anyone know of something that smells very similar? Thanks!!!
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