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  1. Try the parasoy blend from Virginia, where you got your soy. I use the parasoy and love it!
  2. Ugh, yea it's on sale but till they add shipping and handling it came out to $25 for a 4oz bottle. 😭
  3. Yes this is it... I absolutely LOVE this scent!!!! Thank you!
  4. I bought this years back, but can't recall where I ordered it from. Anyone have any ideas besides wellingtonfragrance, I know I didn't order it from them. Thanks
  5. I got a few... Unicorn Farts, Twisted Mermaid, Ocean Breeze, Hippie Chic, Hawaiian Paradise and cherry cheesecake. I just put in another order to try some more So far I'm very happy with them. The Hippie Chic was amazing! I'm NOT a patchouli person at all but I actually love this scent! They were all great, also that cherry cheesecake smelled spot on!
  6. I got my order, so far what I have done with the wax I like it. I'm pretty sure I tried it years ago. The scents I did buy I liked a lot (so far)
  7. Has anyone tried their ParaSoy Tart & Votive Wax blend? I ordered some already and waiting on delivery. I should have asked prior to ordering lol BUT they had some scents I wanted to check out as well. I searched and didn't find much on VAcandlesupply so figured I'd ask Thanks in advance everyone
  8. So pretty!!! I only wish I could make soap that pretty!
  9. I love to crochet myself, these are all so very beautiful!
  10. Thanks guys. I did order their fo's and wax and so far I love both!!!
  11. Thanks! I did order and really like their scents. Anyone know what the tart blend is? I mean is it soy or paraffin? I'd like to give it a try. Tart Blend
  12. Thanks so much! I tried them years ago, but couldn't remember if I liked them or not lol
  13. I'm curious on opinions on their oils? Thanks in advance
  14. I actually just bought it. I'm hoping it's at least close. I may not even have the name right. I just know I absolutely loved it!
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