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Pouring while pregnant?


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Hi! I'd love any information on the safety of pouring wax while pregnant. I've avoided it so far but now that I'm in my second trimester and feeling better I'd like to pour again. I certainly don't want to take any chances! There isn't a whole lot of information out there so thought I'd come here and see what I could find. Thanks in advance. 

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personally i would not do it especially because of the concentrated fragrances.  I would even be leery of doing it with a respirator on.  I just feel it isn't worth the chance of causing an unborn baby issues.  I imagine tho there will be some people on here that can give better info on this. 

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A good respirator will prevent you from breathing in the concentrated chemicals. I would do it, but I would also leave the area for an hour or two afterwards to let the space ventilate. Time depending on how big your batch is of course.


Definitely use a respiratory.  I got mine on amazon. I think the same brand might be sold at home Depot or Lowes.edit... 3M P100 is the type I use.

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I would avoid it but that’s my personal own opinion, everyone will have different thoughts on this 

candle making can and has caused health issues for many people 

I wouldn’t risk the actual process of making one while pregnant 

burning them I wouldn’t have a problem with but making is a whole different ball game 

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