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Looking for a fragrance similar to Chesapeake Bay Candles Snuggly Sweater


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My first post! But I’ve been lurking for a few months 😄 soaking up all the incredible info you have all kindly provided. Such a wealth of knowledge! Thank you. 


I recently started making Soy Candles, just for myself and family. I use Naturewax C3, 10oz straight sided tumblers and Eco wicks. 


On a recent trip to Target, I stopped by the candle section and sniffed a Chesapeake Bay ‘Snuggly Sweater’ Candle. In love with this scent ☺️

What I am wondering is, does anyone happen to know a very close fragrance oil, I could use to recreate this for myself? 


Below is the description of the scent:

“Experience Snuggly Sweater - comforting notes of warm wool wrap around lavender and rose as it rests on a base of white amber, vanilla and musk ready to snuggle up to.”


Thank you so much! 

~ Sarah


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Hello Sara~I am not familiar with Target Candles but Aztec has a  FO called "Sweater Weather" and here is "their" description.    A burst of fresh air tingles with mint as it opens this festive blend, Snow covered pine needles are sweetened with winter berries and laced with wood notes that lead to the velvet mossy undertone. Lingering sweetness of vanilla musk finishes the scent.  HTH :) 


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This is a wonderful soft bedroom scent I use from Natures Garden.  It does have some of the same scents.  They never reveal everything sometimes.  It is called Tranquil Sleep : This fragrance oil by Natures Garden begins with top notes of violet, cyclamen, hyacinth. Middle notes of juicy cantaloupe and watermelon, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley. Bottom notes of cedar, amber, and musk. Absolutely fantastic! 

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Okay...One more.  I even mix this with the Tranquil Sleep.  This is my Mom's favorite for her bedroom and my first favorite with Tranquil Sleep second:  


This fragrance oil by Natures Garden has top notes of oakmoss and lilies; middle notes of ylang ylang and jasmine; bottom notes of amber, musk, and sandalwood. -An NG Original Fragrance! 

Top Notes: oakmoss, lily
Mid Notes: ylang ylang, jasmine
Base Notes:  amber, musk, sandalwood

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Chesapeake Bay lists Snuggly Sweater as having notes of: warm wool, lavender, rose, white amber, vanilla, and musk. It's also listed as an ozonic/aquatic scent.

BBW lists these notes for their Sweater Weather: fresh sage, juniper berry, eucalyptus, and fresh woods.

Yankee has a fragrance called Cozy Sweater that looks to be discontinued (?) but there are dupes out there (The Candlemakers Store). Notes: floral, musk, patchouli, warm amber.


The Cozy Sweater fragrance may be closer to Snuggly Sweater. Sweater Weather might be a potential as well, but the scent description seems to vary wildly. For example, compared to BBW's description, WSP gives the following notes: citron zest, cyclamen flower, warm amber, ivy, golden sandalwood, midnight jasmine, and oakmoss. Big difference! You'll probably have to browse around but even then some suppliers are way off mark in their descriptions. I'd try both!

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I think I watched a video months ago about Chesapeake Bay Candle and I could have sworn it mentioned that they use custom fragrances. Would have to dig around on Youtube to find it...


Found it. Somewhere around 12:30 one of the owners mentions working with fragrance houses.

Youtube video

That was several years ago. Who knows what they're doing today.

I'm very curious about the chemical she mentions but doesn't name at 3:40. An emulsifier?

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Thank you all so much for your replies! Yes very interesting, great video, and since I’m new to candle making I have no clue what chemical that could be 🤔 I did feel slightly better when after a two hour burn, there was a mushroom! I thought it was only my feeble attempts at candle making that resulted in mushrooms 😁 


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