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Cyber Monday sales


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Lonestar Candle has 10% off sitewide.  Promo code CYBERMONDAY2017


Cierra has a sale too, I believe?


Also Aroma Haven's BF/Cyber Monday sale continues.


ETA:  Thought I'd better post a Cyber Monday thread since these deals are all spread out in different threads on the forum currently.  LOL  Thought it would be nice to round them up in one convenient spot!

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3 hours ago, Trappeur said:

Yea, really!  All these emails coming to my inbox are sickening...I'm deleting em all....(after I look at them....doesn't hurt to look, right?)

I'll wait till the New Year specials come about.




Your box should arrive today. Let me know it arrived safely :) 

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UGH I'm hoping 2018 will be more like my years of 2015 and before. My hub and I are desperately trying to pay off 100% of our debt by the end of Q1 2018, and as such we are on a strict budget. It's so strict that for lunches I've been bringing the little $1 microwaveable meals to work everyday. LOL And I'm glad we are doing it, and I know I'm going to feel so much freer once it's done, ...


But then I see these sales, and TT's co-op and just get sad. LOL 

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