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Hey everyone, I am brand new here. I have just recently started making soy candles, I started by buying a candlewick kit on amazon and it came with eco wicks. I just recently made a purchase from a local wholesaler and bought my naturewax c-3, fragrances, and htp 73 wicks. I am currently using 8oz metal containers (generic) sold on the site that I bought the rest of the supplies. I was very please with my first batch, the scent is very strong, which with my previous kit I was struggling with. Okay so great scent, but I'm having wick issues. My candles are tunneling hard and I am bummed out. Any suggestions of which wicks I should try for my container size and my wax? I really want to do well at this, but I am realizing it may cost me a small fortune to even get to making a candle that is sellable. I appreciate any and all replies, thanks for your time!

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4 hours ago, GoldieMN said:

@TallTayl has had luck with RRDs and that tin and wax, I believe.  I'm sure she will post a response as well.


I have never used 4630 alone, only in blends to make a few lots of soy wax bearable. It can cause smoking and sooting if overwicked.


here's a thread or two that might be helpful:






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Just seeing these today, thanks a bunch for the replies. I am looking into it right now, I also messaged my wholesaler who recommends htp 1212 so I will try those first, hoping that fixes it, if not I will be on to those other options. Thanks again guys! (=

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