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  1. Okay thank you both for letting me know, I am happy it isn't something that I did wrong.
  2. Hey all, I have been on this journey for a few months. I have already learned so much and I'm feeling super happy with how far I have come, I just want nice candles for my home and to gift to friends! So I use C3, I'm using 8oz tins currently, and use CD wicks. I finally have a few scents I have perfected (no tunnel, great hot throw, and so on.) Unfortunately I'm noticing that at the end of the candle whether I trim the wick or not, the wick goes out and leaves about 1/4" of wax or so. Is this normal? (Nube here please forgive me.) I could take pictures too if anyone would like to take a peak. Hoping to figure this out, I know there are lots of helpful people on here. Thanks for your time, have a great day.
  3. Thanks a bunch! If I can't get these HTP's to work, CD will be my next wicks I've heard only good things about them. I don't understand why they keep bowing down. Very confused.
  4. Thanks for the reply! So I did let it burn for 7 hours and it never reached a full melt pool, I lit it again the next day to see if it would and that's when the wick bowed down and drowned out. Out of curiosity, what size do you trim your htp wicks? Thanks in advance!!
  5. Alright I am now a couple months into my candle journey. I am working with a 8oz tin and Naturewax C3. The supplier suggested 1212, it's the only wick which has given a full melt pool, having that said, that wicks ends up drowning with a few scents towards the bottom. So now I try wicking down, I did 104, it didn't do a full melt pool. I figured it would end up burning the rest of the wax off the sides as it melted down and heated up, the wick just keeps bowing down! Like no matter what size this issue keeps happening?? Is it just HTP that's the issue? I just don't see how a significantly smaller wick can drown out but not get a full melt pool. please help!
  6. I'm new to all of this, I'm also using c3 and an 8oz tin and HTP wicks. The suggested 1212 hasn't worked for me yet, I've tried different FO's. I also bought 106, definitely didn't work. Right now I double wicked the 106 which should reach up to 9.5 diameter and the tin I'm using is 3.3!!!!!!!! This is the only thing that has worked so far but from what I read this is too much wick. It's been burning for an hour and almost all melted around the edges by now, I may just try a different tin because I don't even see me sizing up one more wick working. Anyways i doubt any of this was helpful, I more or less wanted to let you know I'm struggling too and I hope you can find what works for ya.
  7. Are CDN and CD relatively the same? I keep reading great things about these wicks, I will be looking into getting some shortly. I seem to be having luck so far with the HTP's, but it would be interesting to see the difference amongst brands.
  8. @Sarah S Gonna go check that ALL out right now. Anything and everything on the topic is helpful to me, I am trying so hard to self educate lol. I know I am getting closer and closer. I did the skewer wick with my two new batches I am testing, it is also amazing because you can double use the wick. Woohoo saving pennies.
  9. Hey everyone, here I am again asking for guidance. So I am currently doing the dreaded burn tests, I chose two HTP wicks and I have 3 tester candles I am doing today. I have done two already, clarified that 1212 wick is the way to go for this specific FO at least. So just for the fun of it I decided to burn my last candle from the bath, I poured this one very last and it doesn't quite reach the line of my 8oz tin. So, neither of the other two candles from this batch was having this issue, but this one is kinda going crazy. Flame is erratic, and smoking a bit. Why is this so when it is from the same batch? Is it possible that because this was the last one poured it got more FO in it? I am using the same wick as one of the other testers and didn't experience this. Also, when you are pouring your last candle from a batch, do you scoop whatever drops are left in the pan into it, or do you just attempt to pour but not go gung ho? I am really wondering if at the bottom of a batch if there is always going to be FO that has settled, so this will be something I experience often if that is the case. Excuse my nube questions, greatly appreciate responses, thanks for your time.
  10. @Sarah S I out loud "BRILLIANT!" I mean seriously, never ever would have thought of that, so simple yet so extremely helpful. I am just starting out and trying to stick to HTP wicks and naturewax c3. I had no clue initially just how hard this whole process is, I sense lots of rewicking in my future, so you have been more than helpful!
  11. I am new to all of this, I apologise if this sounds dumb. How would I go about remelting a container candle? Would I just do a double boil until it melts enough to pour into something else the rest of the way?
  12. Just seeing these today, thanks a bunch for the replies. I am looking into it right now, I also messaged my wholesaler who recommends htp 1212 so I will try those first, hoping that fixes it, if not I will be on to those other options. Thanks again guys! (=
  13. Hey everyone, I am brand new here. I have just recently started making soy candles, I started by buying a candlewick kit on amazon and it came with eco wicks. I just recently made a purchase from a local wholesaler and bought my naturewax c-3, fragrances, and htp 73 wicks. I am currently using 8oz metal containers (generic) sold on the site that I bought the rest of the supplies. I was very please with my first batch, the scent is very strong, which with my previous kit I was struggling with. Okay so great scent, but I'm having wick issues. My candles are tunneling hard and I am bummed out. Any suggestions of which wicks I should try for my container size and my wax? I really want to do well at this, but I am realizing it may cost me a small fortune to even get to making a candle that is sellable. I appreciate any and all replies, thanks for your time!
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