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Found 25 results

  1. Hi, Do customers prefer colored candles enough that it increases sales significantly to go ahead and dye? Dying would likely mean dealing with more visible frosting on my glass container soy candles (C3), but if dying is important to sales I can work on solving this. However, if uncolored is OK for sales, that would be terrific. I'd appreciate any advice! Thanks
  2. Hello! My name is Tracie, I was the owner of Warmth Soy Candle Co. I have recently decided to close my business and still have about 300 custom-made wick dippers. I'm wondering if you would be interested in purchasing them from me at cost, $1.50. The mark-up is fantastic, I sold them for $5/ea or 3 for $12. I'm happy to send you short video showing how they work since I can't attach it here. They are really pretty, black matte metal with a twist. Step 1: With the hook end of the wick dipper push the lit wick beneath the melted wax. Step 2: Pull the wick back out of the wax and straighten it after you extinguish the flame. Warmly, Tracie
  3. Hi! I have been making candles for just over a year and have been doing ok, but recently I messed up a batch of about 20 candles (ugh) and they are not sellable. They are sweating on the top because I think I added my fragrance oil too far into the cooling process or I simply measured incorrectly trying to rush and get them done (lesson learned). My question is: What do you do with larger batches of candles when they go bad? Mine are in glass containers so at least it's recyclable, but it would take me a while to burn through 20 candles and I make them in a one bedroom apartment so not much room to stack them around. I know sweating isn't detrimental to the candle itself, but it looks ugly and its too severe to ask the customer to "dab the tops". What is your best way of dealing with candle waste?
  4. I so far in this candle making journey have been using the tins. I tried it mason jars last night and I checked on them this morning to find a small crack in one. It's just very small and didn't go all the way through the wall of the glass. I use 464 soy wax, I poured at about 135. Are there any tips to prevent this? In the picture below as you can tell it just looks like a deep scratch.
  5. I just started making soy candles. I'm using 100% soy wax. So today I'm making them. I made 5 batches that turned out beautifully. But my last three are completely cooled down but only the center of them hardened. I didn't do anything different I actually put less dye flakes in them than the others. I don't know what went wrong. Any tips you can give me? All 9 candles look like the one below.
  6. Hey everyone, I am brand new here. I have just recently started making soy candles, I started by buying a candlewick kit on amazon and it came with eco wicks. I just recently made a purchase from a local wholesaler and bought my naturewax c-3, fragrances, and htp 73 wicks. I am currently using 8oz metal containers (generic) sold on the site that I bought the rest of the supplies. I was very please with my first batch, the scent is very strong, which with my previous kit I was struggling with. Okay so great scent, but I'm having wick issues. My candles are tunneling hard and I am bummed out. Any suggestions of which wicks I should try for my container size and my wax? I really want to do well at this, but I am realizing it may cost me a small fortune to even get to making a candle that is sellable. I appreciate any and all replies, thanks for your time!
  7. I received my order from American Soy last week. I ordered a 10 lb bag of Pillar/votive wax for wax melts and I also ordered several 2 oz FO's. One thing I noticed off the bat was that the wax pellets had a slight smell while melting. I noticed it more as it was melting than once fully melted another was it dries shiny. Also the CT was ok but Ive gotten much better CT from 464 or a blend of waxes Ive used for wax melts. Ive used other pillar waxes and I don't recall them being shiny ? Does anyone here use American Soy, what do you think of this wax or any of they're waxes ( Millennium or Container wax ) My absolute favorite FO's I received were - Lemon Cheesecake - this is the first cheesecake FO that I can actually smell the graham cracker crust. It smells delicious. Oatmeal Cookie is good too, to my nose smells sorta like RE Grandmas Cupboard Orange - Also very good, it smells like fresh squeezed OJ + that natural sweet scent the OJ has . Firewood - Its not bad but its not what I was expecting either. It doesn't have that burning log smell. I believe its a HB Type. Its a tad cologne -y IMO but not too bad but I think I prefer ones that smell more like actual fire logs. Bourbon Pumpkin Cake - I don't get much cake but I do smell the bourbon + a little pumpkin. I didn't get much of a CT from this one Eucalyptus Lavender - Not sure what I was expecting but I don't get much lavender + the euc is not anything thing euc EO - at all . This is more of a relaxing type scent . I was planning on mixing some of the orange with the euc/lavender so I'll see how it turns out. @Trappeur you mentioned Candle Soylutions has a great Lemon cheesecake Its a EL FO so I believe its the same one I have from American Soy since they sell EL FO + Millennium wax. If anyone uses their Millennium or container wax do they also dry shiny and any issues with CT ? The packing was stellar and shipped super fast
  8. My WSP order arrived today + boy am I happy ! They are FO purchases I made last week during their 35% off sale. I was so bummed that many of the ones I wanted were sold out completely and ones I wasn't sure of and ordered smaller bottles, I could now kick myself for not getting a full pound. Peony : Boy do I like this one and Im not a floral person - at all ! It actually smells like the pink peonies I have in my garden + I like this one so much better than the one I ordered from The Chemistry Store . After the New Year I'll be testing this in candles for Spring + Mothers day and a few other applications. Thanks Beaches for letting me know about this FO - Hope you like yours as much as I do . Lemon Seed + Parsley : Not sure how they do this but I can actually smell lemon seeds lol ! the parsley is in there too - Love this - so fresh ! Fig + Rosemary : Oh my - so - so good ! Ive been not too happy with some figs but this is nice with a touch of sweetness. Could kick myself for not getting 1# Apple Pie : This ones good too. Similar to many apple pies but it has a very nice richness to it + not overly spice, which I like. Vanilla Buttercream : Smells just like buttercream frosting Super yummy ! Hot Cocoa : Smells great - hoping I don't get a weird plastic -y chocolate smell when its burning as a candle. Super good though Vanilla Hazelnut - Repurchase + its super good - glad there were 1 # bottles available. PPW : Really good - Love it ! Chestnuts and Brown Sugar - I can actually smell the brown sugar - Really good but Ive never tried any others to compare it too . Also, the Frosted Cranberry i ended up putting it in wax - it is really good. When I first received it I thought it was good but not anything special after sitting in my closet for about 6 weeks I really loved it . I have to say Ive been very happy with what Ive ordered from here. It does take about a week for them to ship though so don't order something if you need it right away. Next time I'll be more prepared before their 35% sales + have my FO in my cart from the day before.
  9. I feel like Im at my wits end with these wicks. Im using 464 and testing 8 oz square masons + small weck jars - 2" in diameter . Heres what Ive tried so far in unscented wax . Square Masons : CD 8 and one in CD 10 and I just poured one with a CD 12 and heres why. CD 8 wicks great while burning + minimal mushrooming - CD 10 looks good too but Im not getting a deep enough melt pool with either one plus Im getting a lot of wax hang up - can't stand this Poured 2 SM weck jars - one in a CD 5 and one in a CD 6 . Both have a great flame but got less wax hang up with a CD 6. If anyone has experience with CDN's will I face the same challenges with wax hangup whats the difference between both wick series ? I need opinions on the wick sizes Ive chosen thus far for the mason jars - thoughts appreciated. Maybe a should try a different series all together ? Open for any suggestions you might have to offer. Thank you in advance
  10. Hi there, I am brand new to candle making and to this site. I was looking for some help on figuring out what is going wrong with my soy candles! It looks like they are burning/tunneling very quickly due to air bubbles around the wick. For my soy wax I am using C-3 naturewax and melting is at 185 degrees. I am adding fragrance at 175 degrees. I also heated up the glass jars for the candles. For the first candle, I poured (slowly) at 135 degrees. The second candle I poured (slowly) at 120 degrees. I am also using ECO 10 wicks. Can anyone help me figure out what is going wrong with the candles? Thank you!
  11. Hi All- I am starting to make soy candles with essential oils to sell to help pay for IVF (to friends/family/craft fairs). This also give me a much hobby to funnel my energy into right now & help me focus on something other than doctors appointments! I have just started testing, and need some guidance. I have narrowed it down to working with C-3 or golden 464 wax and am wondering which you would suggest for someone in FL and a newbie. I would also like to use wooden wicks... for someone who isn't doing this as a full blown business, but definitely to make money, what tools are a must, what should I avoid, etc. I am thinking of using mason jars (a small & large size - does anyone have a size they would especially recommend? What wick size would you pair with that specific size? How much oil per jar?). I am in the process of getting an LLC and insurance as well. I know these are a lot of novice questions, but any advice would be welcome! I live in Clearwater, FL and there isn't much of a candle making community/store/or classes. Also, is there a brand of EO that I can buy in a large quantity? I have found in my test batch I am going through the standard jars I buy at whole foods very fast! Any tips, advice, love, encouragement (lol), would be welcome!
  12. Has anyone used any of these 2 FO's from WSP either in soy or Bath N Body before ? The raspberry lemonade has a ton more reviews and is a dupe of BBW but the Pink Lemonade has good reviews as well, just far fewer. The scent descriptions are sorta similar too but the raspberry lemonade is more costly. Im going to try their Fresh Lemonade + Secret Wonderland sounds interesting as well, Its suppose to be a BBW dupe but Im not familiar with many BBW scents. If anyone is can you please chime in and tell me what you think + how'd you'd best describe it. Also, they have 2 Milk + honey's - one is a oatmeal milk + honey and the other is just Oatmeal + honey, both sound wonderful but if they're very similar Id rather not order both. So Im hoping someone has tried those as well. Anyone use any almond or Honey + almond FO from them, Im wondering which to try since I don't want to order both if I don't have to. Im sure curiosity will get the best of me though lol ! Thanks everyone and Happy New Year ! Lets hope for a great year for all !
  13. Hello good evening and happy new year to all. Crazy season is over and time to think of Valentines. This is my first year in business so have not experienced Valentine candles yet....Time is against me, so unfortunately I don't have the time to make and test burn Masculine smelling candles for Valentines so I'm hoping, with all you experience that you can advise me as to the best Masculine FO out there that would burn well in soy wax.......Thanks so much in advance
  14. Has anyone tried the Black Vanilla from Pure Fragrance Oils before ? They have some interesting sounding oils. Trappeur I saw they have a VBN but noticed theirs doesn't have any caramel like many of them do. Worth giving it a shot. If you've used them (PFO) before - have you used them in candles or just soap etc ?
  15. I've been experimenting with 464 + CD wicks. Im on the fence with these wicks. First off, Im not getting the throw I want with the FO's Ive been testing with. Fillmore's Christmas tree I think will need more than 6%, so I have to retest it again at a higher fragrance load. The problem Im having with these wicks is they burn SO hot. For example, my one test candle was burning well as far as flame size goes + burn pool but getting no HT. However, on my second burn that same wick was way too hot for the last half of candle. I think Id like to try the Premiere wicks and see what happens. For those of you that use Premiers what is a good starting point for containers that are 3" in diameter ? What about double wicking - how do you figure that out with Premieres ? Im just looking for basic guide lines. How do the Premieres burn, are they as hot as the CD's. On a side note, the 2 pines Ive tested / Fillmore Xmas tree + WSP Frasier Fir - I have to say I prefer the WSP Frasier fir. But both have an awesome CT in 464. Are additives ever added to 464 to help with HT ? Another question I have is, Has anyone mixed palm wax with soy. I recently bought a candle with this combo, it was awesome - great HT ... I buy a lot off of Etsy - mainly because I like to support small business + I just love handmade anything ! I'm really impressed with the candles I order from Etsy, In all fairness I only order from about 3 companies. If you use 464 Im looking forward to hearing what suggestions you might have for me + if you think adding more than 6% FO would help - I really so think it would ( IDK?) Thanks everyone
  16. Hope someone can offer some insight for me. I made some test candles about a week ago, I use 464 and tested JS Peppermint Bark & used CD wicks. OOB scent was great and smelled strong - smelled even better while curing and was excited to light em up and enjoy. Well within minutes of lighting my candles I got a not so nice scent, I was so surprised and disappointed all at the same time. The scent is not weak it just changed while burning. Is it the chocolate in the FO - any ideas or has anyone had this same experience with either this FO or other Peppermint Barks ? I also tested their Vanilla Bean Marshmallow (same wax) nice and strong - smells really good. It's not like Indianna's if you've you've tried that, this is more heavy on the marshmallow IMO. Also, is it possible that I'll have better results if I try the Peppermint Bark FO in wax melts ?
  17. I just received a email/newsletter from Bittercreek stating that ECO Soy wax is being reformulated + I believe they said manufactured else where ??? It included all of the Eco soy - 135 - excel etc . Has anyone else heard this ?
  18. Im wanting to do a vanilla + Christmas tree /Pine blend. I have CS Blue Spruce + Fillmores Christmas tree - CS Very Vanilla + possibly another vanilla to play with. Any suggestions or your favorite blends would be much appreciated. What would be a good starting point in terms of ratio of vanilla to pine. Id love to come up with some blends for Christmas with some charming names - but Im not that great at blending or coming up with names I stumbled across a candle Co that was out in the Pacific NW and they had such a great rustic theme. They have a Campfire Toddy that sounds amazing ! Also saw a candle that had a cozy blanket scent - what the heck does a blanket smell like lol ! Im looking forward to hearing any suggestions you all might have. Thanks so much
  19. Good morning everyone I received my samples of GB 464 + 415 last week but haven't decided on wicks to test yet. Any suggestions on what type/sizes to get. Im going to use some 8 oz square mason jars/ 3" diameter & some other jars that are a tad wider too - I think some jars I was looking at were 3.5" or slightly smaller ? Also, where can I get the rustic looking lids - the chunky ones that look rusted? Ive seen them on I think soysolutions ??? but they were over $1 a lid - does that sound about right for price ? it just seemed high to me but idk ? Thank you in advance for any help you guys might have to offer
  20. Hello everyone! I am new here, just joined today. I am known as the Candlelady42. I've been making and selling soy triple scented candles, tarts, melts, room sprays and more for about two years now. I have a successful website and physical home store where people can come and shop or browse. I make Christmas Candles, Tarts and such. I am 43 years old and have one son who is 15 yrs. old named Jake! You can find me on facebook at www.facebook.com/candlelady42 or www.facebook.com/simonesavon, www.twitter.com/candlelady42. I decided to join to find new ways to make candles, and to give and receive great advice! My shopping website is www.sweetsoycandles.com. Any other questions, please ask! Have a great day/night guys! Looking forward to improving my candle making skills by browsing and talking to everyone on this site!
  21. Hi Everyone! I finally have our new product line accepted into the southeast region of Whole Foods and so excited! Here are some pictures of my products.
  22. Just thought I would share my recent candle vignettes I did for my website. Thanks for looking!
  23. Just another day pouring candles! Haha! Enjoy the video y'all :-)
  24. Well kinda...but I did make it myself so you could call it a commercial. It's really cool. Just wanted to share. :-) Thanks!
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