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Good morning all :) SO i was on the Lebermuth site looking at EO, lavender in particular, for soap - lotion - sprays etc. The prices are all over the board as they are with 

all companies. Have any of you used Lavandin -super or Grosso before ? If so what are your thoughts ? The lavandin varieties are in the mid ish $30 grande pp the bulgarian 

$72 + Lavender oil was $150 pp YIKES ! Also they had orange 15 decolorized very reasonable low $20 range but since citrus looses its potency not sure if i need a pound

any soapers have any luck with getting orange 15 to stick ? Another note - I was told by customer service that their Lavender 40/42 is synthetic not a blend - i thought it 

was weird that it was in the EO section 

 thank you in advance :) 

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  I  have  many difFerent lavenders from Bulgarian to 40/42. Also have lavandin abrialis  and lavandin grosso.  every single type, aside from 40/42 will vary from year to year and source to source.  if you want your products to smell the same from batch to batch 40/42 is not a bad way to go.


 40/42 is standardized in a lab not necessarily synthetic. That is why every 40/42 You buy regardless of where Or when smells identical. The fractions of  lavender components such as linalool and linalyl acetate are added to balance the whole scent profile.


 not many people recognize the spendy varieties.

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