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Found 7 results

  1. Do any of you have any experience with making glitter body spray ? Id like to use a base. I have Catalinas Hydrating Botanical Mist but I noticed it gets sticky on the skin when I use a descent amount of FO (even staying within the recommended amount) so I was thinking about getting the spray base from The Candlemakers Store ? Anyhow, can either of these be used not sure which would be better and also how is the glitter suspended, do you add something. I was think about using glitter I have from Mad Micas. Lastly will the glitter clog the sprayer ? Sorry for the long winded questions
  2. I just went to Day Star to check out some recommended FO's and it looks as if many of the very popular ones are OOS + can only be bought in 10 lb minimums. Is there something thats changing in that industry thats not allowing them to sell smaller amounts anymore ? I only ask because of the recent changes at Mad Micas . Id still like to try a few things from there + theres still plenty of FO's to choose from that are in stock. Id like to try the marshmallow fluff since a few have said it was good any other suggestions - Im all ears
  3. So I was searching sugar scubs on CraftServer and came across a pretty old post ( I think it was from 2006 ?) and it talked about a recipe call Holy Grail ? There was mention of the recipe being posted on soap dish maybe IDK ??? Anyhow, it sounded like everyone participating in the thread raved about it and said it was posted on Craft server as well ? Is it possible since the post was old that the recipe was deleted from here ? Id really like to try it out. Anyone familiar with this scrub ?
  4. Id like to place an order from Essentials By Catalina and would love to hear some of your favorites. Im looking at the Hydrating Botanical Mist Pure Fresh Room /Linen Spray Base - Whipped Body Frosting Paraben Free - Lotion Base Moisturizing Hand + Body Id like to just go with 1 spray base for cost reasons, so can the botanical mist be used as a room spray as well ? If you've used the spray bases, does the scent last long either for room or a body mist ? Lastly, can room spray bases be shipped air + do they require a preservative ? Thank you + sorry for the long drawn question :/
  5. Can anyone recommend a good digital scale + a digital temp gun. Also, is it safe to assume a new scale will be accurate right out of the box. Thanks
  6. I need to place an order for EO's for products ranging from soap - lotions etc + I remembered many on here talking about The Chemistry Store. The prices seem pretty cheap to me so I was wondering about the quality . I have the basics in my cart - Lime -California Lemon - Tea tree etc + a Cedarwood Texas White that seems very cheap but has a few very good reviews. Has anyone used their EO before, if so, what did you think ? Theres also Lebermuth FO's that sound really good too - Pineapple Jasmine Peach Gardenia - Mango Beachhwood - Coconut Cream - Vanilla Butter and Soothing Chamomile. Im hoping to hear some positive reviews on here but Im left to wonder if the prices are cheap for a reason. As always, thank you again
  7. Good morning all SO i was on the Lebermuth site looking at EO, lavender in particular, for soap - lotion - sprays etc. The prices are all over the board as they are with all companies. Have any of you used Lavandin -super or Grosso before ? If so what are your thoughts ? The lavandin varieties are in the mid ish $30 grande pp the bulgarian $72 + Lavender oil was $150 pp YIKES ! Also they had orange 15 decolorized very reasonable low $20 range but since citrus looses its potency not sure if i need a pound any soapers have any luck with getting orange 15 to stick ? Another note - I was told by customer service that their Lavender 40/42 is synthetic not a blend - i thought it was weird that it was in the EO section thank you in advance
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