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Wildberry Mousse / Country Berry Hotcakes


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I love Wildberry Mousse tarts from other vendors so want to make some for myself. I tried Country Berry Hotcakes (Peak) and did not like it much in my wax.... then I combined it with Zucchini Bread (Wildberry ZB is one of my favorites) and actually hated it. I think it has too much pancake and syrup for what I'm looking for. Any advice for a good one that has no syrup that would be a good blender?  I looked on Fragrance Oil Finder and the descriptions seem to vary quite a bit...some do not mention syrup or pancakes even when the names are the same. TIA!

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59 minutes ago, Candybee said:

Are you looking for a wildberry mousse fragrance or a berry pancake fragrance?


CS has a wonderful wildberry mousse FO. No need to mix anything.


Thanks, Candybee!  I don't want the pancake in there. I have been reading here that "Wildberry Mousse" was the same as "Country Berry Pancakes/Hotcakes" but apparently that is not necessarily true. So, I really want "Wildberry Mousse". I wanted to try the Candlescience since it got great reviews here but it's been discontinued  :( . Nothing else popped out at me as a great one when I searched. Only the Candlescience one, pretty much!

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ICS has wild berry mousse and it's great. I've used the one from CS and ICS and can't tell a difference. I've also recently put berry cream brûlée from Aztec in wax and it smells very similar to wild berry mousse to my nose.


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