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My CS sample thoughts....


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My samples were just delivered last night!  Most of these are OOB... I know there was a recent post about CS reviews,but my computer did not want me to post in that section I guess, it was acting wacky!! Overall, some loves, some ehhh and some 'put in the back of the loooong list of untrieds'....


Black Sea- Wow I love this.  Salty, Ocean-y.  Not really an ocean, more of a masculine scent.  Think this will be great in wax!!


Blackberry Sage- Ehh I am not a fan.  maybe I just do not like Blackberry?  It smells pretty weak to me.  This will probably sit in my inventory, untouched for a while!  You can smell the sage, it is a nice balance with the blackberry though.


Blueberry Cheesecake- Love this!!  You can smell the crust and buttery ness and cheesecakey ness.  And I am not a blueberry fan! Think this will be awesome. Much nicer than I thought!


Blueberry Cobbler- This is nice! Crust is just right, very sweet. Blueberry is right on the mark. Not overpowering, but I like the Blueberry Cheesecake better...


Brandied Pear- Jeez, better than I thought, the brandy, the pear... wow. Soft, striking.  This will be a great scent, but maybe not for everyone!  It has a refined scent, not your typical 'pear' scent... it is relaxed and beautiful!


Caramelized Pralines- Put this is wax last night- it is great!  Caramel-y.  Sweet. hint of nuttyness. Strong at 1oz/ pp.  This has got to be a great seller, butt, could be renamed really anything because I don't necessarily smell pralines (not even sure what pralines smells like)


Caribbean Teakwood- Love this.  masculine, spicy, STRONG oob... I got a bit on my hand and they smelled foreverrrrrr.  I bet my hubby will love this.  I cant wait to use this!


Chocolate Fudge- Smells just like a jar of chocolate frosting!  I am not a fan of chocolate scents, but this might be a bit niche, or maybe a good mixer.  It is spot on... actually really nice but I just wonder if someone would want a chocolate fudge candle...?


Frankincense and Myrrh- Smells pretty standard, if maybe a bit sweet.  Will probably put this in wax soon to test it. Not too strong oob, but has a nice scent.


Gardenia- Simple Gardenia scent, put this in wax and so far love it! Sweet, simple and fragrant, but seems very strong.  After testing might look to reduce %.


Hansel and Gretel's House- Not sure I smell the graham crackers, frosting, raisins or cinnamon, but this is a lovely scent, perfect for holiday time. Similar to Strudel and Spice but not as much zing.


Island Hibiscus- Lovely scent, very faint oob. Definitely smell the Gardenia in there, hoping this is stronger in wax, because it smells nice.


Leather- smells just like leather.  I have never used a pure leather scent so to me this smells fine.  It reminds me of, squeaky, brown leather...


Lemon Pound Cake- Some lemon pound cakes can smell too pledge-y.  not this one.  lemon is just right and the pound cake has the perfect amount of butter and cake!  Excited to put this in wax because it is so true to the name.


Mango Papaya- smells  nice, mostly mango notes in my opinion.  This does not give me any particular wow, but still is a great scent oob.


Nag Champa- This smells great.  I use Peak Nag Champa which is suuuper strong... This smells pretty spot on but will be interesting to see how the throw is.


Peppermint Bark- I usually am not a peppermint or chocolate fan, but this smells beautiful!  This would be great for holiday time but has a great mix of chocolate to peppermint ratio that would work for year round!


Pineapple Coconut- This is very tropical, but not enough coconut.  It is mostly pineapple, which of course is always great, but it leaves me feeling like I want more coconut in it.  Not that impressed.


Pink Sugar- I am a Peak Pink Sugar fan... nothing so far has come close for me.  This, oob, is not as good. It smells similar, but is not as strong and does not seem that exact... Maybe will be different in wax, but I do not have my hopes up.  If I didn't already use Peak PS, maybe I would be more impressed with this.  Price wise it is much cheaper, though.


Strawberry Shortcake- this smells just like you want a strawberry shortcake to smell like.  Reminds me of my Strawberry Shortcake doll when I was little.  Sweet, you can smell the cake and the cream and the strawberry.  Great sweet bakery scent!


Strudel and Spice- You can literally smell the sugar and cinnamon and each individual ingredient! Very similar to Hansel and Gretel's house (to me) but each whiff gives you more and more different scents, if that makes sense.  It is complex and I love it. I just hate the name!




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So far the Caramelized Pralines... not great reviews. I really like it,but, I had some people tell me (when I specifically asked them for brutal honesty) they smell kind of like cheap candles... 'like a Walmart candle' as one person put it...


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I could never do much of a review OOB. Scents change so much in wax. Well, in my wax blend, they do. While they may smell strong and wonderful in the bottle, often (for me) the scent ends up being very different or simply does not last as long as I need to add it to my line. 

I can really only ever judge after putting in wax and melting or after warming a few drops in a dish with sea salt. 


Needless to say, I offer a LOT of half used sample bottles here for only the cost of shipping!! 

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Great reviews, Envy! Thanks for taking the time to do this! :02:

39 minutes ago, Candybee said:

Every Christmas I mix the carmalized pralines with the chocolate fudge and call it Reindeer Farts. I sell a ton of them.

OMG! I bet that smells so delicious!!!!

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Your descriptions of the scents sound wonderful! :) I need you to write my candle scent descriptions out!  Candle Science just have some awesome scents don't they! Thanks for the reviews! I have not tried out some of those...you make me want to try! :)

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Great List + choices ! I really LOVED the blood orange too - smells amazing ! Has anyone tried it in wax tarts ?

The apples were amazing too but the Mcintosh is my favorite - so crisp and realistic :) they probable have 

some of the best FO's I've smelled - so true and realistic. I love the grapefruit mangosteen but get a HT 

The garden mint smells EXACTLY the the mint i grow but when its crushed.

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Hmmmm.... will have to get a sample of the blood orange sometime. I love mixing an orange type with their cranberry marmalade for a fall scent. I call it Cranberry Orange Spice. But usually I buy my orange from another supplier so will see if I like theirs better.

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