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Pomegranate and Peach


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I am SO thrilled with this one.  It came out EXACTLY as I pictured it color wise.  I also did a hanger swirl.

The scent is Backwoods Pomegranate and Peaches...smells great so far 

and no issues working with it.  I don't think Connie from Backwoods carries this anymore.





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Thanks Candybee!  I'm still so excited over it LOL.  I usually get disappointed when I cut and it's not at all the color I was going for, or the design

turns out just blah....but this one....I'm just thrilled.  When I mixed up that fuscia color....I was so not sure how it would be.  It was rather dark...then I

started adding some TD...then a tad of cherry then a tad of rose mica.  It still looked rather dark, but figured oh well.  It really came out perfect.  I am glad I wrote 

the colors down as I went along lol.  I don't always.


I have quite a few Backwoods oils.  I love pretty much all of them.  I have so many I've had for years, like this one....that I haven't had time to soap.  

They all still smell excellent out of the bottle.  Her oils are awesome and I don't know why they are not discussed more.  

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