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Marshmallow Peeps is precisely the FO I've been trying to capture as well!


I've been dissatisfied with the 2 suppliers' versions I had purchased, so I picked up a pack of real Peeps at the store as reference; they actually had no smell! So weird; literally nothing! But I knew I wanted a sugary, marshmallowy confection which makes one think of Peeps...


So, I actually blended a straight marshmallow with candy corn of all things; it smells really good and super peepsy I think!

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15 hours ago, Candybee said:

Oh that sounds really yummy!!! But which marshmallow FO did you use if you don't mind telling.

Yes of course! I purchased Marshmallow from an obscure supplier on Ebay (fpfragranceoilsandbeyondtheporchboutique) that name, I know! It's strange oob but once cured it's nice and mellow. I can imagine that any marshmallow would work really; I've tried the candy corn blend with two different marshmallows and they both came out yummy!


And I get my Candy Corn from Candlelynn Supplies on Etsy, it is hands down the BEST and I've tried them all!



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