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Kringle KCM - Man candle twins?


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Kringle Candle from MA used to have this amazing line of masculine scents, the only scent i was able to get was their #11. have any of you heard of this line and know of duplicates of the scents? i feel like i might have to buy some of the wax tarts i found on ebay to dup the scents. 

any help would be appreciated. 



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12 hours ago, Belinda said:

I've never heard of them but if you find some dupes please share. I sell quite a bit of manly type scents. They're not my favorite but here in Texas they're very popular along with leather and leather blends.

Belinda I will certainly let you know if I am able to find any. They also had beautiful jars and labels I will need to post a picture for you.

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Just got this reply from Kringle about the men's line scents

"Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, some of our scents in the Men's line have been brought back and renamed and introduced into our classic line of fragranced candles. Sorry to say NO.11 was not one of them. No.1 is Secrets, No.4 is Slate, No.9 is Archives, No.10 is Aqua and No.13 is Midnight. I hope this is helpful.
Best Regards"
Now I just need to try to smell them
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