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Fillmore's Cranberry Citrus


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I finally got around to using this. I am really loving this fragrance. Very strong in my palm. It has that wonderful tartness of cranberry without being overly sweet and a very strong citrus note that is like a combo of citrus to my nose. Like orange, tangerine, and maybe a touch of lemon. Very citrusy yet doesn't overpower the cranberry. You definitely get both. Its a perfect balance. I am liking it more than the blend I have been making.

I actually bought it this past fall to use in my holiday & fall scents collection but ended up having too many FOs to use so tabled it. Glad I started using it. Its my new fav FO!!

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13 hours ago, Candybee said:

Hmmm.... haven't tried that one!

Which ones do you use?

I love their Cedar Garland, Christmas Tree, Daffodils, and Nutmeg & Ginger.

Hmmmm Daffodils? Never tried that type of scent. Don't think I ever even smelled one. Sounds like a nice spring/scent.

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Their daffodils is divine. Very spring type scent. Smells just like the real deal. Everytime I make a batch of soap with it the soaps are my favorite! It does well in CP, no A&D. In candles, its strong and so pretty. I can sell a lot of daffodil candles and soap in the spring.

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