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Balsam Fir from Flaming Candle


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Flaming Candle's Balsam Fir, I believe, is meant to be a dupe of Yankee Candle fragrance. 

Scents I have used that come close to SW's Canadian Balsam are:

Rustic Escentuals:

Alaskan Wilderness - scent description "This brisk, evergreen scent captures a pure forest morning, complete with pine needles underfoot and a clear mountain stream nearby. Sure to awaken your inner lumberjack."
Frosty Pines - scent description - This one specifically mentions Canada. "This is not a typical pine-type scent - it's so much more complex! A snowy covered Canadian pine with camphoraceous notes of rosemary and vetiver, spiced bay, leather nuances, and a woody/musky base of cedar, sandalwood, Canadian Spruce, Douglas Fir Needle, cypress, balsam pine and woody orris."

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Those 2 sound amazing.  I'm going to try them and get an order going after the holidays are over.


The Balsam Fir from Flaming didn't do much for me.  I found the scent weak.  I hate to say anything negative about Flaming because they are an awesome company to order from and I just love them....but it is what it is....



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