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Mad Oils


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Okay just had a very quick browse....  Something tells me that they're just a chandler who decided to buy oils in bulk and then open up a fragrance oil supply company as well.  You can give an oil a new name, but it's not worth much if it's just renamed from another supplier.  I don't know....maybe I'm being cynical today.  With only 19 fragrances available though.....

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I just saw this thread.

Yes, Joanna is great. She is a soaper, runs the soapbar blog, also if you are on FB she created the group "Soaper's Retreat" and just opened Mad Oils at the end of May. It's been in the works since last November. Because of the popularity of Mad Oils she and her husband have had to close their actual soaping company - Absolute Soap.  (Just a little history of them if you were wondering) 

They are still small at the moment but I see them becoming a viable supplier of B&B items. I have tried about 10 of their FO's and almost all of their micas. With every order they do send a goodie bag of samples. (It's where I found my Dragon's Blood that I LOVE so much!!) And at this time, their customer service is top notch. I have placed several orders with them and have been very pleased. 


I've also had a pretty rough patch in the last couple months, and just made an offhand remark about how I wish I could place an order for a certain item but would have to wait, and she got wind of that, and sent me the most encouraging note and well wishes, I was almost brought to tears, and I'm not prone to emotion for the most part. Mainly because - if you know anything about her, she has just come off of a very serious rough patch herself with an accident that happened with her husband, but she still took the time to acknowledge me. 


For that, and just the quality of products that they have, I will remain a customer of theirs and I cannot wait to see them grow and thrive... 



PS - I am in no way affiliated with this company - I just love them... :) 

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