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Roll On Perfume Question

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Ok, I'm new to this whole roll-on perfume thing. I'm using FCO as my carrier and was wondering do I need to use a vanilla stabilizer on FO's that contain vanilla? I tried mixing the FCO with an FO/stabilizer and something, I'm guessing it's the stabilizer, is floating at the top of the vial. It looks weird. I was wondering, if I just decide to not use the stabilizer will my mixture turn brown? I wasn't sure if browning only applied to lotions and soap. TIA! :)

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I've never had a problem with the fragrances turning brown. I don't use vanilla stabilizer in mine.  I've been making the perfume for a little over a year and have some sample sizes that have been sitting around since then and they are still the same color as the first day I made them.

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