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Is Silvermoon Soap Molds out of business????


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i have heard that some have ordered and got them, recently..

they have also had lots of trouble in the past..

maybe try to email her..

i have some of her molds, and love them..

here is another newer silicone mold maker..i have not tried them, but they have great reviews..

i am wanting to get some of her log molds and wooden boxes..hopefully soon..


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This week I received the silcone liner from nuturesoapsupplies that has the same dimensions as my Upland log mold. The liner is absolutely perfect and the shipping time was great. I will highly recommend them for the liners and I am sure their molds will have the same high quality.

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I started ordering their colorants to replace my POP micas. The colors are wonderful and spot on. I also love their neons. I've ordered from them a couple of times and got fast shipment and no problems. The quality of their colors is excellent for CP just like they say, no morphing, bleeding, or fading.

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Thanks so much everyone for the information! The lady from Silvermoon ended up contacting me so I did order one of her molds. Thanks for the info on nurture soap supplies! I will certainly try them too and the micas look beautiful! Always looking for great micas also! Thanks again!!:cheesy2:

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Thanks Candybee for the tip on the colorants from Nurture Soap Supplies! I looked at them a few times but was hesitant to buy them for fear they wouldn't be up to par with the Pop Micas............ Great News to say the least :)

Their Rainbow micas are exact dupes of the POP micas.

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