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Sugar vs. Salt Scrub


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I ventured into making sugar scrubs this year. I love the way they make my skin feel. I have noticed that after a few months the sugar loses its scrubbiness. I am sure that the sugar dissolves as the scrub ages.

I might try adding salt or trying scrub made exclusively with salt. I keep thinking that I will not like the salt at much. Does anyone have suggestions?

What are the pros and cons of a Sugar Scrub and Salt Scrub? TIA.

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They are similar as they both have crystalline structure. I started with salt scrubs but switched to sugar to alleviate any potential stinging on fresh shaved legs or in cuts etc. You're right, they can dissolve over time if your formula has excess liquid. I make sure my sugar/oils combo is to saturation so there is less chance of it dissolving after packaging.

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I like salt scrubs for feet, but it is a bit too much for the rest of me.

Have you tried different sugars, like turbinado or mexican organic? The crystal sizes are a little bigger.

And you could try to coat the sugar grains in wasx, or hard oils, to protect them a bit. Wilton crystal sugar (used to top muffins and cupcakes, etc) is waxed with carnauba to protect it from melting in pastries.

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I only use that sugar for baking, sorry. i can't resist the sparkle on muffins. The crystals are very large, meaning i would probably whiz them in the blender before adding to a scrub, probably defeating the wax purpose.

have been tempted to wax some regular sugar. Shouldn't be too hard to do. My first go would be with BTMS. I like how the regular sugar crystals hold their own in solid sugar scrubs

I like the grain size of Mexican sugar and choose scents that work with the slightly beige crystal color. I gave up on pastels a while back, and prefer earthy tones, so the turbinado and Mexican Cane sugars work really well for me.

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