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Factoring in FO costs


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I use the actual invoice amount with shipping and calculate the average price per oz. Periodically I review the cost the same way to make sure I am accounting for price or shipping increases.

Once I saw the real cost per oz I was spending on FO I learned to order more thriftly and stick to the smallest % of FO necessary to scent my candles. If it doesn't scent my candles at 6% (or 1oz pp) I move on to another FO. You simply can't stay in the business if you don't learn to cut costs.

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The cost of the FO plus shipping and then the average of those two factors. I have cut back a lot on the usage of FO and trying to cut back even more. I am trying to follow Candybee's suggestion and the suggestion of others who say that if a FO doesn't scent to my standards at 1 oz per pound, then move on to another fragrance because there are sooooo many to choose from.

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Guest OldGlory

I average FO costs. For my wholesale accounts I only offer FOs that fall in the $1/oz range (which is pretty easy for me to do since I live so close to my primary supplier). When I buy 2 lb bottles I can get my FO cost down to less than 90 cents per lb but I still count that as $1/oz because I don't always buy the 2 lb bottle.

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