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Finally soaped Goddess


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Well....it took me a long time...but I finally soaped Goddess tonight.

Here it is in the mold. I'm afraid what the color will be after reading past threads about the discoloration.

I used Celestial Colors Sky Blue for the base and Lapis blue for a swirl. Not a lot of confidence in that swirl...ended up with too much of the swirl color so the top is fugly.

I haven't soaped in nearly a year...so out of practice lol. If it looks like crap...that's my story ;)

I will post cut pics when I unmold it in a day or so.


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I think I got lucky with the top...I have the neatest looking ash pattern. I almost don't want to wipe it off! It makes the top look way better LOL.

Jan...I really like the smell of it so far in the soap...given it's only a day old, wonder if it changes a bit during cure? I was heavy handed at 1oz pp. It's definitely a love it or hate it scent I think. I think my husband will hate it...but I think it's a pretty scent and I can't wait to try a bar in the shower when it's ready.

I am really anal about not splashing my mold with soap goo LOL. I try so hard to keep it right in the mold, haha...I'm ticked off at that splashing on the side. I don't know why that bugs me...I'm a bit OCD about that. I splashed a big glob of Hunter's Moon *day star* tonight...ticks me right off LOL

The swirl leaves much to be desired. Obviously didn't hold my bucket up high enough (too worried about splashing soap on my mold lol) ;)



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