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Home candle party last evening.


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I don't usually do home parties, a friend asked me to do one.

It started at 4, was over at 6:30.

I made Five hundred dollars. I was shocked.

I am now doing 8 oz masons, I charged 10 dollars each for them.

That is all I sold, along with soaps I brought. I did about 25 dollars in soap sales. I am taking soap off the line, only doing it for friends who already buy it at this point.

Biggest sellers were, Winter Wonderland, Aruba Coconut , Graham Cracker, Chrismas Tree, and Sweet Pumpkin Spice.

I sold so many candles one of my friends had to go back to my house and get more.

There were 10 people there, the hostess got 2 free candles, a wick trimmer, a couple of bars of soap, I gave her 50 percent off her first 50 dollars.

I figured I would do about 200 dollars in sales. And best of all, we all had a really good time. :)

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That is awesome! Congrats!!! That's an amazing amount to make. I think the most I've brought in is about $300. I love doing them but don't get a lot of requests for them so I just have seasonal open houses. They are so much fun!

Yay for a great home party!

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That's great, congrats!

I wonder how you get bookings for such a home party? I would never ask somebody if they wanted to do something like that (guess that's my old problem). Do you leave flyers in shops etc?



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That is so awesome!!! :)

I've had a couple people ask me recently if I'd do one. Did you offer any hostess gift/bonus or anything? I was thinking of offering like a percentage for the hostess back to use to shop. Maybe 10% or something...

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