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Logging sales @ craft shows?


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How do you guys do this?

This is my biggest show ever and one that's not just 'fun'. It's business this time! ;)

I plan on doing a full pre-show inventory this week (the show is Sat.) and logging sales. I don't know if I'm necessarily going to do receipts (though I do have a receipt book...) but I want to keep track anyhow.

I have melts (clams and portion cups), bears and some jarred scoopable melts.

Do you write : 6 clams @ $20

Or do you write the scents as well?

Do you use a notebook or an app? I don't plan on taking any visa or anything as the internet connection charge rivals the extremely high booth fee! :shocked2:

Any tips? I want to do it right, but don't want to make it harder on myself.

FWIW: I'll have my sister there as a helper.

I'm scared! :embarasse

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If you're getting serious and ramping up the sales and volume you might want to consider assigning product SKU's soon. A simple five digit SKU, description and price would be a huge boost. A starting point might be a creating a spreadsheet using Microsoft Xcel, OpenOffice Calc (free) or Google Spreadsheet (also free and mobile access). You could print the inventory sheet and make tally's like someone suggested. Maybe make a quantity sold column on the spreadsheet and keep track of what and how many you sell in the coming months. You could even make a column for each sales month. Later you will be able to quickly identify what sold well and be able to better plan for next year.

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Guest OldGlory

I used to do what Sherrilyn suggested, don't do shows anymore. Take a detailed inventory before you set up. Take a detailed inventory when you get back home. That takes all the pressure off during business hours, and all you have to do is smile and sell.

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I've been lucky so far in that I can remember most of the sales, and have only had a couple of votives go missing, and one wax melt - black currant vanilla, too - my favorite! Grrr... But if you're greeting everyone as they come in and engaging in light banter, there's less of an opportunity for theft. I agree with the posters above - pre- and post-show inventory is the way I roll!

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Same here. Itemized inventory before and after the show. That takes the pressure off writing everything down. When you do get bigger invest in a good cash register that can do the inventory for you.

You do have to be on the lookout for shoplifters but often all you can do is be vigilant particularly when you are alone and busy. I don't worry as much about product theft as I do about losing my cashbox. So I keep an eye on it like a hawk. Today's thieves are more apt to walk off with the cashbox and its happening more than ever. Its happened at shows that I've done. Fortunately not to me.

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