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Soap balls


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Yes I like to force gel. I was thinking that once I take the soap out of the oven it would be too hard to roll into balls.

I use ice cube trays (they have then at dollar tree) where they are rounded at the bottom like balls but of course the top is flat. Only $1. But they do look like balls in the soap.

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Kt I have yet to try and figure out how to put pics on here yet, but hopefully soon I will. But what I do is put the balls in my mold and pour my newly made white soap over them.

When you cut you see the pretty balls.

Sounds awesome. I'm going to give it a try. Sometime! :)

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On eBay: (ignore the au: I'm just in Australia. The items are in the US but I purchased the 40 cavity one and it served me well.)



Alternatively you could just use a square loaf mould, make a soap recipe that's not extremely hard and use a melon baller yourself to make round soap balls.

There's also the option of going on eBay and getting cheap cake pop 2 part moulds, those I also use if I want to have bigger balls or a combo. :)

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