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Unscented potpourri mix?


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Darbla I was looking around for you. I found this one. Has some gorgeous stuff and says they do scented, custom scented and unscented.


We all used to use the same lady but I dont think she does it anymore.

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Well, of course the very day I start complaining about it, it shows up.

But I'm not through complaining yet because this was a rip off. There is no way these two Ziploc bags contains 16 cups of potpourri each. There'd have to be a LOT air between each bit for it to get up to 16 cups. There might be 16 cups between the two of them, but that's going to be a stretch. Never again. This stuff wasn't worth anywhere near the 30something dollars it cost me. Next time I'll buy it at the dollar store and let the cheap fragrance dissipate, then add my own fragrance back.

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