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Lining PVC pipe


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How do you all line your pvc pipes for CP soap? I have tried not lining them and had a very hard time getting the soap out. I have also used thin flexible cutting boards with some success but not completely satisfied with the outcome of the soap with lines and sometimes hard to get the soap out as the soap would leak behing the cutting board onto the pipe. Then I tried lining the cutting board lined pvc pipe with freezer paper and that works but there has to be an easier way. I did come across plastic bags that you put inside the length of the tube but they are hard to fill. I feel I have tried it all. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I've tried lining and not lining. Craft foam, freezer paper, you name it.

The best, and easiest, was just to stick the mold into the freezer for a while. I've stuck it in overnight then let it sit on the counter for 15-30 minutes. THe log shrinks in the freezer a bit - enough to break the vacuum - then the condensation from thawing releases it the rest of the way. Watch out that it doesn't become a cannon when you least expect it =)

A soup can as a pusher works to break the seal if yours is particularly stuck.

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Google "reusable cookie sheet liner". I bought a couple from a kitchen supply place here for $4 each that are made of teflon. They are pretty rigid compared to plastic or paper liners and once cut to size they can be inserted into the PVC pipe and hold their shape without any real help from me. The have worked for me for a while now with no issues, and are much easier than trying to get them out without liners. The soap just slides out and the liner peels off easily, though sometimes I have to still refrigerate the soap to make it a little more rigid before peeling off the liner if it is a sticky formula.

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