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Long-term storage of m&p bars?


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I have a friend who loves a specific scent I have, so I'm thinking when I make her Christmas batch I'll make a huge batch at once to carry over to Valentine's Day and her birthday in March. Will m&p bars lose their scent or dry out or warp over that period of time? I'll wrap them in Saran wrap first, then wax paper, then store them in plastic boxes to keep as much moisture out as possible.

Also I use goat milk in my soaps so what is the chance of that spoiling and causing problems?

Part of the reason I want to do a huge batch is to use up the can of goats milk when I open it, and not have to throw it out like the last one. And using up my supplies in general to get rid of them.

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Darbla, I can only speak for myself and for the recipe I used ( prarieannie's gm mp in the mp recipe thread)

I made some, back in Feb. , wrapped it in Wal Mart professional type saran wrap, nothing else.

It's sitting now, and has been, on an open shelf, since the day I made it and wrapped it.

I opened a bar about a week ago to start using, and it is even better lather wise and scent wise as it was the day I made it.

I have no scent loss, no moisture problems.

Between the recipe, and the wrap, if it can handle the crazy humidity and temps of Tn and south Alabama ( we had the windows and doors open most of the summer so it was NOT in a controlled environment) I'd be willing to say that, at least in my case, all's good!

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I have been testing long term storage, but can't say about GM that's been added to the base. Synthetic fragrances or EO blends can alter over time. That said I have a couple bars at 3 yrs and 2 yrs still in my closet - wrapped in saran wrap then stuck in a zip lock. "Straight" EO still smells good although a little weaker. I do not color.

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