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  1. Give me a call @ 325-212-0033 if you want to buy 130 m.p. paraffin, I have at least 10,000 lbs of it at all times! I sell it at a buck a pound for any quantity!
  2. BTW, We also sell wax that is raw, colored, and can put in f.o., crystals,ect. Good ,safe wax. We don't consider it fraud at all-melt away!!
  3. I bought a candle factory and am new to all of this! everything that we are making works great, but I don't know why! A gal that came with the place has been at this since the 70,s and she is teaching me a little each day and I am sure that I will be listening to her for years! We pour in a lot of molds and don't do containers. We use 135 m.p. parrifin and if you P.M. your phone # I will have her call you and you can ask her for help. She is an "old hippy" and is a real joy to rap with!! ( She talks about the days when they paid .15 cents a lb. for scrap wax and turned out good sand cast- citronella outdoor stuff using it) Good Luck, I am having a blast with all of this!
  4. I dont make soap, but I think that is very cool!
  5. I am a Newbee, and am in a different situation that I would like to share . I bought a candle factory and now have what it takes to make all sorts of stuff (no containers). What we have is five pallets of paraffin(all the same) and a huge supply of molds, wick, ect. One of the lead chandlers(since 1973!) has stayed around to show me how this place worked. She teaches at our local college and helps out every night. I feel that I am a very fortunate guy to have a private mentor to sort of "show me the ropes". I bought this place so that it may somehow help kids or maybe seniors (the last folks were helping M.R. and handicaped people with the profits). The former opperators just found a better contract with a paper co. and sold me the place. All of this said, I am still a true newbee and if I have learned anything from my coach it is that this buisiness takes YEARS to learn and there is no way around that fact!
  6. I like your site and really dig your painted glass!!l
  7. Thanks for your encouraging words and advice! I can say that learning this art has been a real joy! I will find time soon to post up pictures of all of the supplys and some of my first attempts. Now, I'll just keep researching and learning!
  8. Well, I bought a whole candle factory in San Angelo, Texas! The folks were helping a group that were helping out mentaly chalanged people (jobs). A better contract came up and the whole candle works was offered up for sale. I purchased the wax (4 pallets @ 2500 lbs.= 10,000 lbs.), 100's of molds,spools of wick,ect. I am interested in helping kids and young people somehow with all of this so I am talking to people that are interested in learning this art and then setting up shop in a building that I have avalable. The past owners just do not have the time to help with any of this. The pallets just have CITGO (as in the oil co.) printed on the wrapping. There are bags of additives and things of that sort and have to determine just what all I do have! I have read 4 books and joined this site and that is the start of my education so far. I bought all of this 2 months ago and have been making candles every day for a couple of weeks. I will post pictures soon. If ya live in the San Angelo, Tex. area, P.M. me and I will give ya a tour! Also any ideas as to putting all of this to use to help young people of all ages would be cool!!
  9. I am very new to making candles,but my first few tries have been rewarding! I have started with parrifin because I was able to find a large supply at a very good price. What I need to know is where I can find a list of additives and what these things will do to pure wax. All that I know so far is that I have hundreds of pounds of wax that melts at 130 degrees. Since I have what seems to be a life time supply the stuff, I feel that I should stick to parrifin candles. THANKS!!!
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