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  1. cactusladycandles

    Forever candle

    I made another one and heated the mold before I poured the wax. No cracks this time. But still a little wax to clean out before I could take the insert out. And I found that using a pair of pliers pulled it right out. I'm using the same silicone insert with a screw and concave molds. How tight do you tighten the screw?
  2. cactusladycandles

    Forever candle

    I want to make candles using a silicone tealight insert I bought from a company. You insert it in the mold before pouring the wax. I made one and when I took it out of the mold, I had to pry the insert out of the wax. And there were cracks on the candle. And wax got under the insert. I used a concave seamless mold. Has anyone done this and had any success. I'm using pillar Palm wax.
  3. cactusladycandles

    Eucalyptus fragrance oil

    I have a friend who orders a lot of Eucalyptus tarts. The Eucalyptus scent came from Mr. Missy's. She loves it because it is so strong. I sent her samples from two different companies, but she said they are not strong enough. Does anyone know of a company with a strong Eucalyptus scent. Or maybe someone has some Mr Missy's Eucalyptus scent for sale. Ordering samples is getting expensive. Not the cost of the bottle but the shipping.
  4. cactusladycandles

    Eucalyptus Scent

    I'm looking for a strong and true Eucalyptus Scent like Mr Missy's used to sell. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. cactusladycandles

    Dragon Embed Mold

    Thanks for the replies. What I need is a very small embed mold. Probably no more than 1" long.
  6. cactusladycandles

    Dragon Embed Mold

    Thanks for the info.
  7. cactusladycandles

    Dragon Embed Mold

    I am making jumbo cupcakes for my class reunion. Our mascot is a purple dragon. Does anyone know where I can find a dragon embed mold. I had one years ago but sold it with supplies. Of course, now I need it. I want to make these and put them on top of the icing.
  8. cactusladycandles

    best chocolate fo?

    I discovered Dark Chocolate Mint from Bert's Heaven Scent. I'm am selling it so fast, I have to order 4-6 bottles at a time.
  9. cactusladycandles

    Throw from a tumbler?

    I use 4630 wax in my 3" tumblers. And I use a 51-32-18 zinc wick. I get a very good melt pool and fantastic scent throw.
  10. cactusladycandles

    Help me pick my cupcake fragrances pweeze?

    How about Strawberry Shortcake.
  11. cactusladycandles

    display case

    Try this website. "smartfrogs.com". On the menus on the left, click on "Tips & Articles". These stair step shelvintg units are awsome. And inexpensive. I use them to display jar candles at craft shows.