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  1. Kitn, thanks for looking Soy.......a million thanks for that info. Very helpful and I have an Auto Zone close by. Safety is a prime concern for me. If i can turn one of my fake food candles upside down and it doesn't fall off the plate I will be happy....unlit of course.......lol.......... Agree about not reusing glassware. My marketing strategy is based on selling to fine restaurants and the candles as center pieces on the tables....with a fine aroma and unlit for quite awhile.........already have a couple of clients with my candles on their tables so safety and strong adhesive on plate was a big concern,,,thanks...........TJ
  2. Thanks all for the comments. Did a test burn on one. 1/2 hour burn time. Smells great................this one is not on the original pic, making a bunch of these for X-mas. Does silicon work well for attaching candles to plates? I have a safety concern about this........
  3. Fake food, love it. Soy candles using a bakery metal mold then adding a crystal made from gel in a ice cube tray I found that works great. Wicking after they are molded using a heated bamboo shish kabob stick for the wick in the soy and gel crystal. Heavy red coloring with gel for frosting effect. Strawberry FO. Had some trouble getting this to stick to the plate with a hot glue gun. Any ideas for firmer adhesion to plate would be appreciated. Thanks......and thanks for the comments....I haven't got around to reply to the other posts I have here. I appreciate the comments and input............so I'll just say that on this post to avoid bumping up previous candle artworks.................TJ
  4. Hello, my name is Tony. I've been smitten with the candle bug. Want to create seascapes with gel candles. I've painted lots of acrylics seascapes on canvas and want to try my hand at making aquariums, seascapes with gel candles. I want to create the wave effect on water. Any information would be grateful. I've perused the sponsors and found a lot of great information. One question I have is: Can I make a small aquarium ( 4"x8" ) of glass to use as the vessel for the candle? Would it be safe? Can I find that kind of container from some company? Thanks..
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