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  1. Am I doing something wrong or am I going noseblind? I use 6006 & I typically get really good results with it. Lately I can't smell anything, unless I'm right on top of it. I melt the wax to 185, remove from heat. Add 9% FO at 175, stir for 2 minutes, & pour around 165. I use the Square Mason Jars with the 51-32-18 Zinc Wicks. After they have cooled, I trim the wick & put a lid on them. I typically let them "cure" for a week to two weeks, even though I've heard that is really not necessary. This process has been working for me. It's never produced an over the top scent through, but it has been decent. Could I be going nose blind or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Alright folks, I'm at my wits end. I've tried 14 or 15 wicks & I think I have developed a permanent eye twitch. I'm currently using IGI 6006 along with the 8 & 16 Oz Square Mason Jars(they have a 2.89 inch diameter). I use an 8% fragrance load. I'v tried htp 73, 83, 93, 104 & 105. Lx 16, 18, 20 & 21. Cd 10, along with Premier 750, 755, 760, 765 & 775. The Premiers have come the closest to being satisfactory. Folks what do I do? Any suggestions? I have a sample pack of Zincs I can try, but they are a last resort.
  3. I recently switched from GB 464 to IGI 4630. I LOVE this wax, however I'm having a terrible time finding the right wick. I did a test burn of 6 different wicks yesterday (single wicks tested- Lx 21, Lx 22, Lx24, Lx26. Double wicks tested- Lx 12 and Lx 14) and out of those 6 only 2 came even remotely close to checking off all my boxes. Both of the double wick candles did pretty good. There was a little mushrooming and a small amout of soot coming off the wick for the first minute or two it was lit, but it had a great melt pool and the flame wasnt dancing around. I went to bed satisfied yesterday. Today I relit the LX 14, double wicked candle and it seems to be burning differently, almost like it's trying to put its self out. Is their anyone who can help me? I'm open to any and all advice.
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