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Found 13 results

  1. Has anyone ever tried blending Olive oil, Coconut Oil, and Beeswax to make a candle wax blend? I am currently doing this with the hemp core wicks and I am having awesome results! My only concern is that in the warmer months my candles won't hold up. Is there an established test procedure for testing different environments? Thank in advance!
  2. I recently switched from GB 464 to IGI 4630. I LOVE this wax, however I'm having a terrible time finding the right wick. I did a test burn of 6 different wicks yesterday (single wicks tested- Lx 21, Lx 22, Lx24, Lx26. Double wicks tested- Lx 12 and Lx 14) and out of those 6 only 2 came even remotely close to checking off all my boxes. Both of the double wick candles did pretty good. There was a little mushrooming and a small amout of soot coming off the wick for the first minute or two it was lit, but it had a great melt pool and the flame wasnt dancing around. I went to bed satisfied yesterday. Today I relit the LX 14, double wicked candle and it seems to be burning differently, almost like it's trying to put its self out. Is their anyone who can help me? I'm open to any and all advice.
  3. Hello! Even though we advise to burn a candle for no more than 3-4 hours, many people exceed this time and expect the candle to "function" properly. The other day I was at Jo Malone store in Sao Paulo and the sales person told me they burn the same candle all day! The candle had 1/3 left and was all liquid. I asked if there was a time limit to burn the candle and she said "nonsense"! Taking this into consideration, I felt doing burn tests of 3-4 hours each will show the candle's performance in an ideal situation. But most people will not respect this time frame, so... When you test your candles, how long do you typically let them burn? Any helpful hints to successful testing? Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone : i have a question that might seem obvious to all of but I'm uncertain + hoping you can offer help. Im testing wax combinations (melts) & in the test few weeks will be testing candles + wicks. So my question is, can I do 1/2 pounds instead of full pounds so that I'm not wasting so much wax. If so, how does that work with the fragrance oil. say i have 1/2 lb of wax, would my weighed fragrance be 1/2 oz or a little over if i want it stronger . thank you in advance
  5. Hello, I'm new here and my question is........in what ways do you measure your hot throw when testing?
  6. Hi, I am very new to candle making. I have been researching the internet for about 6 months. I must say, this is by far the best forum. Yayyyy, so glad I found all of you. I have learned you need to test, test, test. I am working with IGI 1343 to make pillars. For each FO I have been testing 6% and 9%. For each one I make a candle using 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 tsp. vybar. I have also been testing my wicks using 24 and 30 ply flat braid. Does that sound about right? I was told by the supplier to use 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon of vybar but I have read on here, all you need is a pinch. I was also told it could take up to two weeks to cure. I would appreciate any feedback I can get.
  7. I am putting together 3 test batches of melts to give to friends to review for me. I am making these with KY Para-Soy and 8% FO. I have a few questions..... 1. Do you give a whole (6 squares) clam shell to each tester or only a few? Or do you give tarts? 2. Do you ask specific questions for feedback? Like how do they look, how long did they smell, how many times did you burn each? How big was the room they burned it in? 3. Do you give specific instructions with the melts? Thanks so much!
  8. I have seen several candle companies that let their customers create their own scent blends in candles. How can they do this when that scent combo has not been tested properly?
  9. I just made some Strawberry Shortcake from CS and it smells amazing!!!! I cannot wait to test burn. / will have to wait until next week:-(
  10. Just an FYI- I'm testing Buttered Biscuits from Aztec in soy and the HT is strong! I bet this and BNC's Starwberry Jam would go great together.
  11. Okay friends I need your help. I use a Mac and when I upgraded to the Lion OS I can no longer use any programs I had with Microsoft Office and I can't afford to pay the $200 for the new version, yet. I had a Word document that had testing questions written on it and since I can no longer access it I was wondering if you'd mind sharing some of the questions that you ask your testers when they test your candles and/or melts? Thank you!
  12. Ok I think I know the answer to this but I am going to ask anyway. I have my main scents that i sell down and I know that they perform as they should. What I want to know is if I'm buying FO from (let's say Candle Science that is known to test in soy and has truthful ratings on their site as far as I know) do I still need to go through a testing phase for a new FO that has proven to work in soy? I'm small and just starting out and would like to offer some special one time scents but I don't think I have the cash flow to go through testing again and again. I know I'm about to get killed here and I think the answer is NO but I still wanted to ask. TIA! Don't hit me to hard please.
  13. Hi guys! Just wanted to share that I am filling orders today but also testing a new FO called Autumn Pear from LOnestar. Using 464 with a 10oz apothecary jar and two CD-6 wicks and no color. I'll let you know how that CT and HT do. I'll try to take some pics to post too. Have a great day!
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