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  1. Thanks. So these little diptyque candles are just container candles, even though they’re the same size as a votive glass candle? http://cdn.diptyqueparis.com/media/wysiwyg/STATIC_HOME_1.jpg
  2. I see wax specifically designed for votives. Is there anything specific that makes something a votive candle vs just a tiny container candle?
  3. Nice! Yes, I’ll have to bookmark those too.
  4. Close. Something like the votice display box that I can put inside the kraft box but for a tumbler. This is probably something I might need customized or make myself.
  5. Can someone recommend some resources for a good basic carton box insert for candles(that piece of cardboard inside the box with a cut-out hole in it that keeps the candle from moving and gives structure to the folding carton box. In the US? I’m finding this somewhat challenging to find. Maybe I need to have it custom made?
  6. I just tested this wax. It’s very nice. A flawless pour. It’s less opaque than soy and feels reminiscent of vaseline when you run your finger over it. It’s a soft wax, but it’s not so soft that you can push your finger into the wax and dent it. But there’s no way to touch it without a finger print. The wick I’m using is too big and smokes, but I’m getting the feeling it’s going to be difficult to wick regardless. The solidifing wax after a long burn is very very nice, and also flawless, as if it wasn’t burned yet, only the black wick giving it away. Even without fragrance, the way it comes up into my nose I get a sense that it’s going to have a very good hot throw. The downsides for me is the vaseline feel, and the fact that it’s a lower melting point wax so it’ll be a question mark during hot weather shipping. And also the potentially difficult wicking.
  7. I’ll probably have to test 3 wicks at a time then. one that works without fragrance, 2 wicks up and 2 wicks down.
  8. Nice! That’s what I’m looking for. Trappeur, this is probably what you’re referring to as well, from Couronne. Thanks everyone.
  9. When you add fragrance oil to a soy candle, does it tend to change a wick size up or down? I’m assuming it requires a size down, because the oil makes the wax softer? Any opinions?
  10. Thanks. Those are actually not hard to find, they’re called glass PET jars. But I’m looking for ones without the screw on top, more like a drinking glass or vase.
  11. Any luck finding a supplier? The ones I like tend to be Australian suppliers, but I’m also looking for an amber tumbler here in the states if anyone has recommendations. The ones at CandleScience are too thin. I like this one, but these are hard to find here in the states, surprisingly.
  12. Candlescience has a very handy wick guide If you’re using the straight-sided jars 9oz jars from their site, they recommend the ECO 10, but I found it too small. ECO 12 work better in testing for me, both with 464 and 444. https://www.candlescience.com/learning/wick-guide EDIT: Nevermind. I see you’ve already tried ECO.
  13. Thanks. The size range for the Premier wicks is massive.
  14. Personally it just bothers me. I’d rather exhaust a number of different wax blend testing before I commit to something just so I can stop wondering if there’s something better on the other side of the fence.
  15. Does anyone add a different wax/additive to improve the weird crater-y after-burn appearance of soy wax?
  16. I’m using ECO wicks with 464 but I don’t like the way the wick burns. It’s like burning paper. Can anyone recommend a good wick alternative?
  17. I just ordered this. Anyone know what I should expect? Never burnt a coconut container candle before. I hear it has better hot throw than soy, but I wonder if that’s only because it has a higher FO capacity (8-10%) as opposed to soy. I also read it has a better looking after burn appearance. The big issue being that it’s really soft, and probably more of a headache shipping in summer weather.
  18. This is, after FO throw, the second “worst” characteristic of soy wax, for me. I’m experimenting with a little bit of beeswax and/or coconut wax to improve the appearance. But I might just switch over to coconut wax.
  19. Thanks everyone for the advice. What do you mean if I don’t wick properly? What will happen? So you mean if I don’t have it well attached to the bottom of the glass?
  20. I want to start making my first container candle, but I have a question about glass. Is there “candle-grade” type glass, or do you just use any heavy glass? Don’t know much about the science of what heat does to different thicknesses of glass or the dangers (cracking/exploding) involved with choosing a random glass container.
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